We’ve had chickens for nearly two years now: three of them. It took a while to decide to get them, but we haven’t looked back. What Soulsby Farm has to say about them is so true. They fulfil the permaculture principle of being multi-functional: they provide food, control pests, cultivate the ground, produce a fantastic compost ingredient and are highly entertaining.

There is much on the internet about naming chickens, including many forums (or fora as my school latin makes me think). So, let me introduce our girls:  We have two Speckledies Esme (who has blue eyes like her literary namesake) and Gytha (who has brown eyes). Most people have no idea why I would have called a chicken Gytha, but you see, there are three of them and I thought of the three witches (Pratchett not Shakespeare, you understand); I drew the line, however, at Magrat, even I wouldn’t call a chicken Magrat however big a fan I am of Mr P. So Mr Snail-of-Happiness got to name chicken number 3: Lorna is a Calder Ranger, so named by because she is the Lorna Ranger (you get an idea of his sense of humour).

We haven’t bought an egg in nearly two years – thanks girls for many delicious meals.

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  1. Cute names. I have six hens, all Golden Comets. I’ve thought about naming them, but I can only positively identify three of them. 🙂 The others look too much alike! Like you, we have plenty of eggs. We keep a dozen a week, and I sell an average of five dozen every two weeks to friends. For only $2 a dozen, I cover all of the cost of my feed and supplies. My girls are awesome!


    • Do they lay through the winter? Esme is very reliable and we get about five eggs every week from her throughout the year, but the other two are much more variable in their laying habits… Lorna gave up for about five months last year, but has now resumed.
      Chicken keeping has been one of the best things that I have decided to to do since trying to be more sustainable… you and your friends must feel the same!



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