When I started this blog, I had no idea what the blogging community was like: how many lovely people I would encounter, how many people across the world I have something in common with, what a lot of interesting stuff there is out there and how many talented writers. I also didn’t know that there were such things as blogging awards. And now I have received two of them: the talented Metan, who writes the most fascinating and eclectic blog, Buried Words and Bushwa.


from Jammie Kern, of Storytelling and Simple Living, whose blog I only came across recently.

So, first of all I’d like to thank both of you… how brilliant to be making connections across the world like this and to feel so appreciated.

In both cases, I’m supposed to tell you seven, possibly, unknown things about myself and to nominate a number of bloggers that I admire: fifteen in the first case and seven in the latter. So, I’m going to cheat and combine my ‘acceptance speech’, telling you just seven things you probably don’t know about me and nominating ‘some’ bloggers whose work I enjoy reading (I’ll split them between the two awards… one is for blogs and the other for bloggers, so any with more than one author will get the former). Please note, though, that there are loads of blogs that I really enjoy and this list represents just a few of them.

Some things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I have more letters after my name (qualifications and professional memberships) than make up the whole of my full name (my real one)!
  2. I used to work in publishing full-time
  3. I once walked out of a job when the police raided the offices
  4. I don’t eat food that wobbles
  5. I knew Clarice Cliff – she was my great aunty
  6. I want to live in New England
  7. Mr Snail of Happiness makes me laugh every day

Some blogs I’d like to nominate for the ‘One Lovely blog’ Award:

  1. Green Momma Adventures: anyone who builds a chicken house out of an old plastic children’s play house deserves an award!
  2. The Moveable Feast Garden: a community project down in St Leonards on Sea in England; building a garden on waste ground
  3. Vegetable Yarden in Ferguson, Mo: because these guys are being persecuted for growing food in their front yard and need all the support they can get.
  4. Fourth Generation Farm Wife: a very different life to the one I know, but we have compost in common!
  5. Aquaponic family: a fascinating insight into a different way of producing food… and chickens too.

Some bloggers I’d like to nominate for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award:

  1. Issac’s blog Ekostories is always worth reading for its blend of environmental comment, science fiction references and his love of one of my favourite authors (Ursula Le Guin)… and I just realised that I was not a follower, an omission that has now been rectified.
  2. Diggitydigg… particularly for the post ‘Slugs in garlic, anyone’? A blogger after my own heart!
  3. Gillybirds: posts about chickens and a shared admiration of Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  4. Emily Cotton: you haven’t posted for a while and your stories are so good… I hope this encourages you to resume your blogging!
  5. Wrtiting House is the blog of Mr Snail of Happiness… he makes me laugh, so you might enjoy his writing too!

Well, I think that’s a large enough selection to be going on with… normal service will resume shortly!

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  1. The WP community is a surprisingly wonderful thing, isn’t it? If I had known I would have started blogging years ago!

    I love your 7 things, although I am sad you miss out on jelly (all the more for me though).
    I very much love that your Great Aunt was Clarice Cliff. I will be pulling out the fact that I have a connection to you (no matter how tenuous) to impress the family next time they are debating over a Clarice Cliff piece on Bargain Hunt. 😀
    Now I’m off to have at look at the other blogs you nominated. 🙂


    • My mother’s side of the family were potters – she grew up making mud pies in Wedgewood ash trays! Clarice was an interesting character – as a child I found her quite peculiar, although I did enjoy visiting her house because it had a huge garden, a servant’s wing and a secret passage!


      • Oh my goodness! Mud pies in Wedgewood ashtrays? My late Wedgewood-collecting Nan will be turning in her grave at the mere thought!
        A huge garden and a secret passage is the type of thing any child would love visiting, no matter how eccentric the aunt was 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for nominating me. Sorry it took me so long to get back respond. I have had very limited blogging time lately. I do appreciate it though. Thank you again.



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