Garden dinner

I love the time in the year when it is possible to eat a significant proportion of our food from out of the garden. We are not quite there yet this year, but last night we did start with spring onions, potatoes and sage from the garden (plus an egg):

Ingredients for dinner

Ingredients for dinner

and ended up with Glamorgan sausages, boiled new potatoes (variety Colleen) and lettuce for our dinner:

Ready to eat

Ready to eat

Not quite  a garden dinner, as the lettuce came from a local farm and the Glamorgan sausages were made with breadcrumbs from a homemade loaf (organic white flour from Shipton Mill; wholemeal from Felin Ganol) plus Snowdonia Black Bomber Cheese and freshly ground back pepper, but with the sage and onions and bound together with the egg. Not entirely home-grown, but very satisfying that almost everything was fairly local.

I am having a slight problem, however, at breakfast time. Despite the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and red currants being covered in fruit, none of it is ripe yet. Thank goodness for rhubarb to keep me going in this rather lean period!

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  1. I say thank goodness for rhubarb at any time but what’s happened to the tartness? Has it been bred out? When ever I buy anything rhubarb based these days there’s hint of ‘screwing your face up’ bit it never quite makes it any more. xxx Hugs xxx

    • Probably indicative of the country’s increasingly sweet tooth… everything has loads of added sugar or unspeakable artificial sweetener (yuk). Fortunately the rhubarb out of our garden retains the traditional tartness – good for waking me up in the morning!

  2. It’s true – our rhubarb is a tart! You should see what it does with the strawberries…deliciously disgraceful.

  3. Somewhere in a secret corner of South Shropshire your breakfast conundrum is being solved…

  4. Over here on the other side of the planet it isn’t the best growing weather at the moment but I managed to put some of my own carrots in the stew last night. Even though they weren’t the long fat ones we see in the supermarket they tasted so much better. I am envying you your (potential) berries, yum! 😀

    I am really looking forward to the weather warming up so the plants can really get going. Right now I am busy writing my wish list for all those summer seeds out of the catalogue that just arrived in the mail!

    • Carrots out of the garden seem to be a different species than those from the supermarket. The same is true for tomatoes… shame we can’t have them all year round, but I guess that the seasonality gives them added value!

      • The home grown carrots are so different aren’t they? My seed catalogue wish list has a purple and red carrot on it so there will be no mistaking them for shop bought ones once they grow! 🙂


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