Costata Romanesco

Today I harvested one of the big summer squashes from the Costata Romanesco… it may not have been rumpaging (they have a fairly bushy growth form at present), but that weight on the scales is in kilos:

Yes, that does read 1.855kg

Yes, that does read 1.855kg

Now, I just need loads of courgette recipes, because they are tender like courgettes and not watery like marrows.

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  1. I saw the title and thought you’d changed your name by deed poll. I was expecting you to start writing saucy novels though I suppose cook books would do just as well.
    xxx Hugs xxx


  2. We eat lots of them here, I use a few (smaller!) ones grated in spaghetti bolognese to thicken the sauce and in my bacon and egg pie, grated and into the pan along with the bacon. we also eat them steamed, and I remember having stuffed ones as a child.

    Have a look at, an Aussie recipe site. We call them zucchini and there will be heaps of related recipes there. 🙂



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