A germ of an idea

This post is all thanks to Metan over at Buried Words and Bushwa, who commented on my Happiness and Doom post that as well as having a ‘Worm of doubt’ in my teaching tools, I should have a ‘Germ of an idea’. So, here is my prototype:


Crochet bacterium

He’s a sort of generic bacterium, such as you find in diagrams in microbiology text books (here, for example) with a flagellum (tail) and pili (hairs).

Two lovely friends (thank you Sarah and Kate) have offered to send me some eyelash/fur wool so that I can have a go at making Escherichia coli (like these) , which seem to have three of four flagelli and much finer pili than I have managed, and cholera , which appear to have pili on their flagelli.

I’m thinking I could make a whole compost-heap of micro-organisms!

Just tell me if you think this is becoming an unhealthy obsession…

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  1. unhealthy? No, not unhealthy. I’d say more like …unusual? bizarre? in a good way, of course! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on UK Crochet Patterns and commented:
    Uhh … ew!


  3. I think this is a great idea. Microbe plushies sell really well; you should think about Etsy-ing your creations!


  4. No, not unhealthy, who would have thought germs could be so cute? 😀


  5. There’s a woman who sells crocheted “used tampons” as gag gifts the germs are cute in crochet only 🙂


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