Stuffed peppers

This month I was planning to write a blog post every day… and it was all going well until It became necessary to spend a day and a half struggling to sort out one mobile phone contract and one mobile phone top up. I’m not going to go into details, suffice to say I seem to have wasted a lot of time and energy and haven’t managed to write for a few days, but I’m back now!

Profuse peppers (and chillies)

Profuse peppers (and chillies)

Yesterday I decided to make lasagne, using lots of home-grown tomatoes and peppers. The pepper harvest was slow starting this year, but we’ve eaten lots over the last few weeks. Sadly, they aren’t ripening very well, but we are just enjoying them green… or pale yellow in the case of Amy, the wax pepper. It is the variety Lipstick that is, however, especially abundant at the moment.

As the plants have grown so prolifically recently, it has got increasingly difficult to reach the ones in the far corner of the greenhouse. Yesterday, however, was nice and warm so I decided to extract some of the pots so that I could see the state of the plants properly. Once removed from their inaccessible location, I was disappointed to notice that a few of the plants had been nibbled by slugs – I even found one of the little blighters wrapped around the stem of a pepper plant.

Anyway, I harvested the chewed peppers and some others that were a decent size and went indoors to prepare the lasagne. And it was at this point that I discovered that two slugs, not content with having snacked on my produce, had decided to take up residence inside! Yuk!

However, I am pleased to announce that organic pepper stuffed with slug is a real delicacy… for hens. The slug-free lasagne was good too, but just for us!

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