I was reminded earlier today that having the opportunity to grow at least some of my own food is something that I should be grateful for: thank you Shakti for your comment.

So much to value in the garden

So much to value in the garden

It’s easy to moan about the slugs and the rain (or lack of it), to despair when something doesn’t grow, or the chickens eat it, or because I don’t have enough space to plant all the things that I want to, But that simply doesn’t get you anywhere in life… as Johnny Mercer once wrote you should ‘accentuate the positive‘! So I thought that I would make a little list of (a few of the) things that I am grateful for in my garden:

Having space to grow some of my own food

The joy of eating crops that I have just harvested

Collecting warm eggs that have just been laid

Knowing that what I’m eating has not been exposed to pesticides

Feeling close to natural cycles

Knowing my hens are happy

Eating strawberries straight off the plants, still warm from the sunshine

Storing potatoes and squashes for the winter

Feeling the soil on my hands

Composting… making waste material into something useful

Leaving the soil better than when I found it

Being able to find fresh herbs even in the depths of winter

There are so many I could add, but I’d like to hear some from you…

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  1. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, collecting warm eggs is always a pleasure.


  2. I agree with the “Leaving the soil better than when I found it”. Most of our garden is on an old cinder tennis court that had been left to go wild for 30 years, any soil was dusty and the cinder sits on top of clay so getting good soil from that has been a real challenge and a joy!


  3. Kirsten

     /  September 24, 2013

    I haven’t grown anything yet, but having some outside space to potter around in after a day at the office is pure bliss!


  4. We have a line of pumpkins ripening on the conservatory windowsill. Every year when that happens I can’t stop smiling. 🙂

    We ripen them there to avoid the mice burrowing in and leaving nothing but the husks.


    • A great image… I certainly wouldn’t like to find a mouse in my pumpkin!


      • No. Last year i had a huge pumpkin and thought it would be great for soup – lots of soup. Went to pick it up and fell straight over as it collapsed as i touched it! Out shot a mouse. Couldn’t believe he’d eaten everything and it was hollow with less than a half cm skin!


  5. This is a great post. To be mindful of what we have, as opposed to what we don’t have. Simple pleasures are always the best.



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