Scrappy update

All laid out, in no particular order

All laid out, in no particular order

When you’ve finished a piece of knitting, there are always scraps or oddments of yarn left over. Currently, I’m using the left-overs from my sock knitting to make hexipuffs… tiny hexagonal padded pockets that will eventually become a ‘beekeepers quilt‘. I’d really like it to be big enough to cover our bed eventually, but I’m a long way off yet. To date, I have knitted 86 puffs, but they don’t even make a square metre of quilt. However, I still have lots of yarn oddments to work with and lots of sock yarn still to knit into socks. My intention is only to use left-overs and not to buy any new yarn for this project because I started it as a way to avoid waste. It’s also rather lovely to have a project like this, where it’s possible to complete a section in half an hour or so (with practice, I’ve got quicker at making them) and thus maintain a sense of achievement even when there’s still a long way to go.

planetcoops' leftovers shawl... I really want to make one!

planetcoops’ leftovers shawl

Despite my long-term goal, I have recently seen a another project for using sock yarn oddments that I would really like to undertake in the future, a ‘leftovers shawl‘ as made by planetcoops… perhaps I’ll get there in about four more years!

Of course, not all my oddments are 4-ply – the gauge I knit socks in – so I’m on the look out for other projects to use up double knitting  and chunky yarn. Amigurumi is great for this, especially since I’m currently experimenting with my own designs… eventually I will have a crochet version of the knitted snails that star at the top of this page.

So, what do you do with yarn oddments?

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  1. Frivolous Monsters

     /  October 22, 2013

    It reminds me of Blockbusters, or the boardgame Escape From Atlantis.


  2. You could get all your friends round for a knit puffies afternoon and that way it would get finished sooner 🙂


  3. OK. I want one. because I don’t have enough knitting projects in my life. That girl is brilliant! I use small bits of yarn to make amigurumis so I don’t have much left over. What a comforting, attractive bed cover it would make! 🙂


  4. I am rather envious that you have enough leftover yarn to use for your hexipuffs; I love my quilt but boy has it been expensive to make! Any leftovers I do have tend to get used for little hats for the Big Knit campaign (, although I am currently experimenting with mini socks and mittens for yuletide decorations…


    • I’ve also been lucky to be given some yarn from a friend who got it from Freecycle – she wanted the heavier weights, but not the 4-ply that I’m using for the quilt. What a result! Many of the plain puffs in the photo are made from that yarn and I have lots more. Some of it I had to frog and wash, but I don’t mind if it means free yarn!


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