This post marks the half-way stage of NaBloPoMo. So far I have written 6603 words (excluding these), posted 46 photographs and received one award – not bad for half a month! In contrast, Mr Snail-of-happiness, who is taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) has written more than 20, 000 words, but, hey, it’s not a competition! What has been good about living with someone who is also participating in a writing challenge is the support this brings – have you completed your target for the day? If not there’s sympathy and encouragement and if you have, there’s celebration. In addition, the fact that the challenges are different means that there really is no competition, which is good for me because I’m not competitive by nature.

There are two dog beds but Max and Sam choose to sleep together in my office

There are two dog beds but Max and Sam choose to sleep together in my office

Having another person around is important to me, and represents the smallest unit of ‘community’. Mr S-o-h is not my only  companion when writing, however… often in my office I am joined by a dog or two; and they enjoy the company of each other as well. Interestingly, Sam (that’s her in the foreground) was something of a problem dog when we first got her and we were recommended to get her a friend to help calm her down. Max is a very relaxed dog, with a laid-back attitude and his arrival certainly changed Sam’s life – he has taught her to be house-trained, to eat properly and not to be scared of fireworks. As with many relationships, however, it’s not simply one-way: she encourages him to play and cleans his ears, and when we have to leave them in the house, they don’t get upset because they have each other for company. Dogs (like humans) are pack animals and social interaction with other members of their species is really good for them.

All snuggled up in the laying box!

All snuggled up in the laying box!

And they are not the only sociable creatures we have around the place. Despite having a ‘pecking order’, chickens also seem to enjoy each other’s company. I have mentioned Esme snuggling up with the others during her moult, but even now her feathers are growing back, the snuggling continues.

I think in life we all appreciate some companionship – whether a cup of coffee with a friend, a nice comment on a blog or a phone call from a loved one. By opening ourselves up to others, whilst accepting some risk, we give ourselves the opportunity for amazing relationships and experiences and we start to build communities. So, go one, do something sociable today and strengthen the community you live within!

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  1. Living a somewhat isolated life, I appreciate the internet hugely. This blog, and others like it, make up part of my community. Thankyou 🙂

    • It’s amazing how connected the internet can make us feel… it allows community to be so much more than face-to-face contact and it’s great, as someone writing, to know there are so many people out there who I have made a connection to x

  2. I agree totally. Companionship is a warm feeling. Other than the days I have visitors (just once this week) I rarely see anyone except through the window.People scare me so I don’t go out much but I do have t’interweb which brings me some great friends, even if not in the flesh. Reading so many different posts each day shows me how varied we all are but how warm as people.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  3. It’s interesting how habit forming the daily discipline of writing becomes. I’ve only been blogging a couple of months, but now I find myself slightly irritable and despondent if I can’t write a post each day. I agree with you that you should just write, put the thought out there and see if anyone’s listening.

    • Normally I don’t write everyday – teaching and other commitments get in the way – but it’s been quite liberating not to have to decide whether to find the time and just to do it throughout November.

  4. As I said I really have still a lot to learn in life.It is so nice to read someone else’s thoughts which contributes a lot in mind openning.Thank you for sharing your point of view.

  5. sarahfoto

     /  November 15, 2013

    ooh but now you make me curious about your human companion, would you mind sharing his blog? I am very impressed with you writing every day still making interesting posts.

  6. squeal inducingly cute pupps! My Dogs are great to have around too but don’t get on quite as well as yours. It is obvious Tricky would like to be an “only poodle” but tolerates Jack and is chastised (gently) is she is unfriendly!

    • They are ridiculously cute sometimes… I’d probably have more readers if I posted more pictures of them!
      They do have their moments – Max does get fed up with Sam asking him to play sometimes – but on the whole they are devoted to one another.


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