Lazy Sunday

My bottled peaches and waffles made using an egg from Aliss

My bottled peaches and waffles made using an egg from Aliss

Yesterday was a busy day – volunteering at Denmark Farm (moving piles of bracken onto the compost heaps, clearing out culverts and subduing a rampant silvanberry) as a well as a couple of blog posts, plus celebrating the 50th birthday of Doctor Who in the evening. Today, therefore, has to be much more relaxed. We started the morning with homemade waffles and some peaches from the batch that I bottled in the summer… what a delicious treat, it really was like having a little bit of stored sunshine, as I had hoped. This was followed by some virtual house hunting… my sister is planning to move house (much nearer to us – hurrah!) and so we spent a long time on the phone and online looking at possible houses.

Work in progress.. fingerless mitten in 6-ply Opal Polarlichter Shade 5207

Work in progress.. fingerless mitten in 6-ply Opal Polarlichter Shade 5207. plus pattern notes

The rest of the day will be spent on creativity… Mr Snail-of-happiness has been coveting my fingerless mittens for a while now (they are brilliant to wear if using the computer when the house is a bit chilly) so I offerred to make him some (and thus to delay starting an amigurumi dragon that I spotted on  The Guy Who Crochets blog). The only pattern I have for fingerless mittens fits me, so I’m writing a man-sized version as I go along. Right now the first one is done all except weaving in the ends and I hope to make the second today… so it won’t really be a lazy Sunday after all, just a relaxing one!

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  1. Serious envy today… Waffles. Bottled peaches. Knitting. All things I can’t eat, don’t have yet or am not able to do. Consoling myself with the knowledge that we’re going to run up to Bowen on Friday and buy a tray of mangoes and a box of tomatoes so I can start using my new canner… BTW, is Aliss a black hen? I hope so, bearing in mind the original was called Black Aliss!

    • She’s a Black Rock, which is why we chose the name. Despite this, her feathers are actually black with a golden edge. Don’t tell the others, but hers is the most beautiful coloration!
      Bottled mangoes… drool!

      • She sounds beautiful. I miss my big black Australorps: Eggatha, Eggnes and Egglantine. The Isa Browns weren’t nearly as glamorous, but they did lay awfully good eggs. I’m rather looking forward to the mangoes myself! Also want to try mango, passionfruit and ginger jam, but that may have to wait for another day.

  2. Ann Owen

     /  November 24, 2013

    Dear Jan, you know a lot about a lot of things, but if there’s one thing you don’t know the first thing about it’s how to be lazy…

  3. I wear fingerless gloves all the time. So handy for padding my hand from the crutches and keeping me warm but also able to reach into my pocket for things without having to take gloves off.Mr SoH will love his I’m sure.
    Enjoy your day.
    xxx Cwtch xxx

  4. Those waffles & peaches look amazing, I am hungry just looking! x

  5. Gary Finch

     /  November 24, 2013

    time out is very important – it’s easy to think we cant indulge ourselves when the situation seems so desperate, yet if we want to inspire and lead then it has to be by example – as you have said it was more about doing what you want to which is as much about rest as lazing in front of a tv (more so as creative stimulation is enlivening whereas passively allowing others to fill the gap is another way of abdicating our responsibility and giving us another reason to sit back and get into a blame culture) As bill mollison said the prime directive is about taking responsibility for ourselves AND OUR CHILDREN – I want my kids to see that having a good life isn’t about chasing overtime – we went to alton towers once (at their request) and on the way home I told them how much time we spent queuing and driving compared to sitting on the rides and asked if in the future they would rather go to the beach? can you guess which they picked?

    • Nice to know your children value their time too. Now it’s nearly the end of the day, I discover that it has been productive, relaxing and creative… I’ve done some writing and am just finishing off the fingerless mittens.

  6. Loved the waffles and peaches and all, so nice to read. Thank you.

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