The trouble with quality…

… is that it lasts!

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that it’s good to buy products that won’t need to be replaced soon, I just wish that the people who owned our house before us hadn’t invested in expensive, plain dusky pink carpets in all the bedrooms and the living room. We’ve been here 14 years now and the carpets are still going strong. This has saved us huge amounts of money because the only floor covering in the house that we have needed to replace in all that time has been the lino in the kitchen (we now have a floating bamboo floor that can be sanded down and resealed when it becomes worn) but I do dislike the carpets. I wish that they’d chosen something with flecks (so it wasn’t so obvious when they needed vacuuming) and something not so… pink.

We reduce the impact with a rug in the living room

We reduce the impact with a rug in the living room

However, I simply cannot bring myself to replace something that isn’t worn out. I have considered re-carpeting the living room on a number of occasions, but I know that all I need to do is vacuum and maybe shampoo it and it will look as good as new (well, nearly) and so I don’t visit the local carpet shop or start researching environmentally friendly carpets. We do have a nice rug in front of the fire which covers up quite a bit of the pinkness, but it’s still there in the rest of the house and it’s NEVER going to wear out in the other rooms. Sometimes I wish I was a bit more frivolous.

I guess that it could have been worse, though – they could have selected a vibrant paisley pattern!

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  1. or dinner-plate orange, with bright yellow & racing green 🙂


  2. At least the Aztec/Geometric pattern in the rug distracts from the background but at least if anyone asks how you are you can honestly answer “In the pink”.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx


  3. gary finch

     /  December 15, 2013

    we’ve been at our house since 1995 – when we moved in the bedroom carpets needed replacing, which we did with hessian backed wool ones, which have needed rugs purchased to go over where the kids have worn out the entrance ways – the lounge, stairs, hallway and landing were a horrible 1970’s multi-coloured affair that looked like it would go on forever then the damage caused by a chimney fire meant an insurance claim allowed us to replace the whole thing (as the loss adjusters insisted that as there were no threshold strips between the rooms it should be all or nothing 🙂 ). it is a challenge to take on someone elses aesthetic preference especially when it is a thing of ‘quality


  4. Or purple, or lime green, or babypoo brown… Perhaps you’ll strike it lucky too, and have a fortunate insurance incident…



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