Oh my!

Just a short post today so say thank you for all the offers of squares (here, on Facebook and in person)… I’m going to have a fantastic blanket. I had a message from one friend this morning to tell me that she had already made her square, but I know other people are thinking hard about the yarn and design.

I had to make at least one that's snail-themed!

I had to make at least one that’s snail-themed!

It looks like the final masterpiece will include squares from people who have taught me and whom I have taught, fellow diploma apprentices, friends who live close by, friends who live far away, friends old and new and (I’m hoping) some of my family. I have been asked about yarns and the answer is, I don’t mind (so far I have used a whole variety) but if you use something special or for a particular reason, do explain it in your note. As far as designs go, I don’t mind either as long as it’s 15cm square, and it doesn’t matter if different people’s squares are similar because each one will be special. As for timing – any time in the next few months will be great (apparently lots of people are busy round about now… I can’t imagine why!)

I am conscious, however, that not all of my friends can knit or crochet, so if that’s you, but you would like to contribute something to the project, I would love something in writing to put in my scrapbook… ideally something handwritten so it’s personal.

So, thank you again for all the offers… when you are done, send me an e-mail and I’ll let you have my address.

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  1. Judging from the response, it’s going to be sensational! I do love an object with a story, and this one will have so many.


  2. haHa! You made me laugh! What a fun thing to of part of. I am enjoying thinking on it. 🙂


  3. I really like your spiral square. Did i miss your pattern or link for that? 🙂



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