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As you may know, we do not give presents at Christmas and, as far as possible, we try not to receive them either. It’s all part of the trying to be sustainable and avoid waste. But that is not to say that we don’t give presents… we just give them at random times and only when we know the gift is ‘right’ for the recipient. Rather than hundreds of cards and piles of presents at this time of year, we make a donation to Practical Presents… something for people who really need our assistance.

In the past few weeks the only presents I have given have been two calendars and a box of dark chocolate Brazil nuts, the latter being a birthday present. However, a visit to High Bank on Saturday inspired me to make a little gift for Sissie:

Some tiny mittens for Sissie

Some tiny mittens for Sissie

I’ll be posting them later, so if you are reading this, Perkin, don’t tell her!

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  1. are they little mittens? too sweet!


  2. I’m with you on the present giving. I spend some quality time with Oxfam Unwrapped every November, and my family and friends are now accustomed to chickens, piglets, goats, drinking water, small business loans and seeds being given on their behalf. I try and fit the gift to the donor! I wish they’d all do the same, but some still insist on giving me things. At least I’ve managed to cut it back to gift cards or vouchers for things or places I actually use. And those micro-mittens are very, very cute.


  3. highbankcottage

     /  December 30, 2013

    Gorgeous! As always both thoughtful and practical. Thank you. I won’t let Sissie see this post so it can be a surprise 🙂 x


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