An Australian Gem

… no, I’m not referring to an opal, but to Kate Chiconi –

This morning, the postman delivered a package from her containing such wonderful goodies:

What a collection!

What a collection!

Kate had promised me a square for the masterpiece, made from hand-dyed Australian merino wool, but also sent the remainder of the yarn for me to use myself. In addition, she had asked if I would like some seeds from the Diggers Club – who sell Australian heirloom seeds – and I had chosen a few of those:

Australian heirloom seeds

Australian heirloom seeds

But, there was a special bonus… The Snail of Scrappiness:

The Snail of Scrappiness

The Snail of Scrappiness (front)

The Snail of Scrappiness (reverse)

The Snail of Scrappiness (reverse)

Made from scrap fabric and remnants from the roots of her tree of life quilt (see this post for some pictures).

When, about six weeks ago, I had the idea of the masterpiece blanket, I had no idea what a positive response I would get and how keen my friends (yes, that’s all of you out there) would be to contribute. But the thing that has surprised me most is the generosity – of which Kate’s seeds, yarn and quilting are just one example.

I know the blanket is going to be a real work of art, but the greatest output has been all the love and friendship, now being documented in my masterpiece scrapbook, which also includes written contributions from those who aren’t able to knit, crochet or felt.

Thank you everyone! I can’t wait to see what other squares arrive in the next couple of months.

Red Centre (the downunder square) inspired by the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellan

Red Centre (the downunder square) inspired by the poem My Country by Dorothea Mackellan

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  1. Lovely stuff! 🙂

  2. Awww! You’re welcome, and I’m fairly chuffed myself!

  3. Nanette

     /  January 18, 2014

    Beautiful gifts and so generous of Kate….you should be chuffed, you’re one very creative lady. The masterpiece is going to be wonderful!

  4. Well done Kate, What gets me is how surprised you seem by the response, don’t be ! You’re an exceptional lady and we’re just recognising it. Your blanket and scrapbook will go from strength to strength and we’ll meet so many more exceptional people who will follow your lead in many ways that we may all be able to help too.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    • The painfully shy and nearly friendless child inside me is always astonished by the friendship I receive as an adult… not to mention my own ability to engage comfortably with other people.It is amazing how we grow.
      Your letter is carefully mounted in the scrapbook now (and scanned onto a memory stick in case the book should ever get damaged). It’s really lovely seeing this accumulation of energy and care from other people.
      I feel all warm and fuzzy inside

  5. Oh what lovely gifts. The snail of scappiness is so special on each side and I love the little hexagon. The square inspired by our poem (as a fellow aussie) quite moved me. I think the square is a fabulous rendition of the poem.What fun I am having with “your” project. My contribution has been posted so keep a look out. 😀

  6. That’s pretty awesome! You have nice friends. 🙂

  7. Beautiful and thoughtful 🙂

  1. The Mystery Woolly Thing | talltalesfromchiconia

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