Progress and Pinterest

Despite having other things on my mind in the past week, I have found some time to work on construction of the Masterpiece. Not only that, but today has offered a rare opportunity to photograph my progress outdoors:

so far, so good

so far, so good

If your square isn’t there, it means it’s in the pile that I either haven’t bordered yet, or haven’t sewn in! I’ve had some lovely contributions recently (check out the Masterpiece page) and I know that there are squares coming soon from Canada, Australia, Ludlow and Aberystwyth… it sure is a cosmopolitan creation!

I’m also working on a Pinterest board for the project, which you can check out here; but remember, it is a work in progress.

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  1. It’s beautiful. And the idea is genius. I’m planning to contribute a square if that’s OK. Please warn us when the deadline is approaching, as I might not be able to do much for a few more weeks. (Pesky all-consuming planet-sized afghan….)

  2. It’s looking amazing, and I’ve been taking a look at the Pinterest board as well. You’re going to need a ‘map’ of the Masterpiece when it’s done, to explain the ideas, sources, materials, etc.

  3. Nanette

     /  March 8, 2014

    It’s looking wonderful, and all those very different squares are playing very nicely together. Good to know Easter is the deadline, but since it’s rainy here today I think I’ll sit and embellish the already-knitted square I’ve done so I can get it away to you before the last minute.

  4. Stunning. Congratulations on getting to Pinterest.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  5. That is already stunning. I can see some gorgeous squares there ..apples and flowers. It is coming together beautifully.

  6. WOW! This is truely a labour of love, mostly from you, of course, but also from so many other people. 🙂 how big will it be when you have finished?

    • I keep getting offers of squares, so I think that in the end it will be 9 rows by 7 columns (it’s currently 7 by 5) which would make it about 160x125cm before I’ve done the final border… but it may be bigger because I already have lots of squares that are not stitched in yet and I know of quite a few more on the way.

  7. It’s looking good!

  8. Oh I am enjoying your project. I love seeing the different squares. Tell your friend Linda her square is perfect!

  9. Amazing!

  10. Wonderful!


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