Near and far

Where you all come from

Where you all come from

When I first started writing this blog I don’t think I had any specific expectations about who would read it and, indeed, where in the world they would be. Over the months, however, it has been fascinating to see the range of countries appearing on the map of visitors. I’m still waiting for that elusive click from Greenland and it’s unlikely that it’s possible to visit from China, but the global spread is quite impressive. Although lots of visitors remain unknown, I have got to know many of my regular readers and I really love the fact that I’ve made new friends spread across the world. The Masterpiece project has been particularly lovely for making connections, and I feel especially close to the contributors when I hold their work in my hands. Of course, lots of my readers I already knew… family members, fellow permaculture apprentices, old friends… and it feels good to have this additional way of making a connection.

Yesterday, however, I managed a new experience… I went to visit someone in person who I’ve met through this blog. In the past I have directed people I’ve met face-to-face to read my posts, I’ve even chatted via Skype to a friend I’ve got to know through the blog (we must do it again Kate), but I’ve never been and called-in on someone before. It’s exciting to learn that you have readers in Poland, Brazil and Tasmania, but it’s a strange feeling to discover that one of your readers (who you’ve never encountered) lives about two minutes walk away! But so it is with Katy the Night Owl.

I came home with a full bag... that is the masterpiece peeking out from underneath

I came home with a full bag… that is the masterpiece peeking out from underneath

So yesterday afternoon, me and the masterpiece went on a visit. What a lovely time we had, talking crochet (well, me and Katy, the masterpiece just lay there and looked decorative). Katy can’t work with wool, so she gave me some balls of yarn that are no use to her… I really will have to use a bit of them to make a square to add to the masterpiece to represent “connections”. Now she’s seen the work for real, Katy’s going to make me a square, so I’ll be wandering around again once that’s done for another afternoon of tea and yarns (both sorts)…enjoying the company of a new friend. What a lovely yield from writing about things I’m interested in!

What about you? Have you made new connections through blogging? And if you’re new here, do say hello in the comments… you never know where it might lead!!

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  1. What an experience for you! And how lovely for you two to meet. Some of the connections I am making through my blog seem to run quite deep. I agree that in some cases the communication which starts to build feels as though it could have the beginnings of a friendship. It is interesting as well how we decide that we like someone without even meeting them given that we only have words and images to make a judgement on. I loved hearing that you met and hope that one day I too might enjoy a similar experience. Lovely post, thanks!-Karen.

    • I think that if we open ourselves up to friendships, they come to us and blogging seems to be a way of doing this. I’m sure many of your blogging friends would love to visit and see your garden… I know I would!

  2. Yes, blogging is a wonderful experience. I haven’t met anyone face-to-face yet, but I almost feel as though I “know” some of my regulars. How did you manage to get the composite map of countries? You’ve nearly conquered the whole world! I can only see a map of countries people have looked from that day – I’d love to see all the countries ever.
    Meanwhile, I’m still hoping to make you a square…. other projects keep intruding…

    • Oh, I’d really love a square from you 🙂
      As for the map, if you go to your ‘stats’ page you can see today’s visitors. In the box with the map, there is a link to ‘summaries’ at the top right; click on this and you will get a full screen with a map and a list of countries and you can choose various options “7 days; 30 days; Quarter; Year; All-time”. Just click the one you want and hey presto, there’s the list and map. I’m fascinated by it… who visited from Guadeloupe? Or American Samoa? I wish they’d said ‘hi’!

      • Oh wow, it works! Thank you! I haven’t cracked Greenland yet, either. And I wonder why the person from Uzbekistan never came back. 😦 It’s strange, though. I noticed that someone from the Ukraine came visiting whilst the political situation over there was getting seriously hairy, and I couldn’t help wondering if they were ok, and whether they were looking at my silly trivial blog to escape from more important things. Sorry, I’m rambling…

  3. Yes, I had such a lovely time with your visit to me, too, Jan 🙂
    I was delighted to meet my fellow blogger, especially one who lives so near to me – how small is our world anyway?
    But I’m also looking forward to more times for yarns, of all sorts, soon 🙂
    In the meantime, I’m looking at the lovely bunch of daffodils you brought me – my first real touch of spring – and I’m going to use them as my connection to our first face-to-face meeting when I make my square for you 🙂
    And, if I’m clever enough, I’ll try to fit in the willow, too 🙂

  4. It’s wonderful to meet someone you’ve only “met” through your blog and it sounds like you and Katy have made a nice connection and a good friendship is developing…what fun to learn you live so close to each other and you’ve inspired her to play with yarn some more. I’ve met a woman who lives about an hour away from me, albeit in the next state, Queensland through my blog. She started to visit via someone else’s blog, then recognised my name on the knit for charity group we both belong to, without knowing the other was a member. We started emailing, then phoning, and now we’ve met a few times if either of us are in the other’s neighbourhood. I’ve also made a couple of close friends, not through my blog, but through other groups I’ve belonged to…a craft forum and Stitchinfingers, a forum for stitchers and textile artists. The internet and blogs opens many opportunities beyond our imaginations. And I’m putting the finishing touches to your square Jan, it’s been a hot and humid autumn and not pleasant for handling wool. I plan to have it finished and ready to post to you on Monday, so will email you for your address.

    • I’m so excited about another square from Australia… thank you… I have made so many friends on the other side of the world through my blog – I do wish I could visit you all. How lovely that you have actually met one of your blogging pals too. The more connections I make, the more it seems that politicians are completely out of touch with real people and that the world is full of folks who do actually like each other… it quite restores my faith in human nature.

  5. I had the pleasure two years ago of meeting a young friend from the U.S. who was over here with a group of teenage Ambassadors. She’s an author who I”d been talking to online for 12 months and then this trip materialised. Ju, myself and Yvonne met her in Chester and were all enchanted. She’s a firm friend.
    So far I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any UK bloggers but remember Jan, if you’re ever in the North, this Gog always has the kettle on.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. I think it’s time we had another Skype, don’t you? Especially as we’re off on our hols on Tuesday. Perhaps I can bring you some yarn from the West Indies!

  7. I have made some awesome “blog friends” since starting the blog, but no “in person” friends. I do suspect that one of the goats next door has been reading the blog as she’s been looking at me rather strangely lately. 😉 (Perhaps that’s more about me not allowing her to eat my flowering quince.)

    I think it’s fantastic that you’ve met a new friend so close! 😀

  8. How exciting! Blogging has so many rewards. I’ve gotten a few invites to meet up with some fellow bloggers, but, to my shame, I have not been able to at present. But definitely look forward to doing it sometime soon.

  9. When I started my blog it was to keep in touch with my mum when we moved from one side of Australia to the other. Rather than write her snail mails every day I found an easier way to keep in touch and share the posts with all of my relatives and friends at once (lazy but completely able to multitask 😉 ). I never dreamed that anyone else would want to read my crazy rambles through the uncharted territories of my mind (a terrifying place and I live there!). I have made some amazing friends through my blog. I love how social media takes the akwardness out of meeting someone and you can just launch your way into conversation and form entire worldwide communities of like minded people. No more hanging about on street corners with a sign saying “penniless student hippy seeks fellow like minded penniless student hippies…” for MOI! I am rolling in penniless permaculture hippies and am spoiled for choice ;). Love your blog, your ethos and your crochet and how your blog has bled into real life and given you a new like minded friend in close proximity :). I am late to discovering your blog but I think you are stuck with me now…sorry…that must mean you have a degree of “penniless, student or hippy” in the equation 😉

    • … I’m very glad to have you here!
      Interestingly, I arrived at Katy’s house yesterday and, like you said, we just launched into a conversation like we’d known each other for years. It’s lovely… and I have a Skype conversation planned with my Australian Kate for Friday too now. Isn’t technology wonderful?

  10. I met a friend/artist on line who lives quite close. We have had tea twice now and it was an amazing experience. We really opened up to each like we had known each other for years.
    I have had art work and inspirational works sent to me from contacts all over the world. I feel so blessed to meet such like minded people.

  11. Looking at the summary map is one of my favorite things to do. Each time we get a visitor from a new country, I always tell my husband, “Hey, did you know I’m big in [insert country here].”

  12. I haven’t met anybody personally but have spoken to a couple of blogger friends (from another blogging site ) on phone. It is an amazing experience when you meet a virtual friend face to face or talk to them on phone. It is that much quicker to connect because you already know what your common interests are.

    • Yes, it really isn’t like meeting someone for the first time… you already have so much to talk about. I have to confess, I was nervous before my first Skype conversation with Kate in Australia, but once we started it all seemed so natural.


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