Calling time… and starter’s orders

Circle of friends on the left and the beginning of a shell stitch square on the right... both with yarn from Katy the Night Owl

Circle of friends on the left and the beginning of a shell stitch square on the right… both with yarn from Katy the Night Owl

It will soon be time to collect in the last of the masterpiece squares… a few more weeks and that will have to be the end. I’m expecting quite a few more to arrive before then, though. Yesterday I finished adding Flo’s squares, and I have a small collection of others that are edged but not yet stitched in. Plus, I keep getting inspired to make another square or two myself – currently a ‘circle of friends‘ square and a shell pattern square using yarn that Katy the Night Owl gave me on Wednesday (I wanted to mark our meeting within the masterpiece). Once all of the contributions and additions are stitched together I’ll be crocheting a border around the whole blanket to finish it off prettily… any suggestions for stitches to use gratefully received (I’ve made sure I have lots of yarn) as it’s not something that I have done before and I am dithering somewhat. If any squares do arrive after the blanket is completed, I’ll make a cushion to add to the set for extra comfort when I’m snuggled up thinking about my lovely friends who contributed.

The whole experience of creating a community work of art has been so inspiring to me, though, that I don’t want it to end. I will miss all the support and messages, not to mention the packages arriving through the mail. And so, as one lovely project ends, I have decided to embark on a new one… and you, dear readers, are amongst the first to know.

The current state of the masterpiece

The current state of the masterpiece

In order to raise some money for the wonderful Denmark Farm, I am going to encourage our local community, and those further afield who want to support us, to create some blankets to raffle off. We are going to have a series of ‘Cake and Craft’ afternoons (the first being on 23 April) where people can come along and make squares or embellishments. We’ll be skill-sharing, making friends and raising money all at the same time, as well as drinking tea and eating cake. For those who can’t actually come along, we’ll be accepting donations of yarn or additions to the blankets. I’m hoping that some of our local groups and organisations, like the WI, may want to contribute too. To make it all as inclusive as possible, rather than just asking for knitted and crochet squares (although these will be welcome), I’m planning an applique tree of life blanket too. This is inspired by Kate Chiconi’s quilt, but will be stitched onto a woolly blanket and will include felt, embroidery, knitting, crochet… anything the makers feel like. I’m still firming up details, but hopefully this new challenge will be another fun way to use crafts to draw together a community and have a positive impact on the world… ah, yes, craftivism again.

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  1. Love all your different blanket squares

  2. Oh my! It is a magnificent masterpiece!

  3. Oh, I’ll definitely be contributing to the new one! And I’m very glad to have given you an idea to recycle! Think I may have to make you some felted and embroidered leaves…

  4. Oh, love it all….the beautiful colours in the yarn that Katy gave you, the Masterpiece looks wonderful, what richness, and new collaborative community projects…I’m in. Just a couple of loose ends on my square to weave in today, and it can start it’s journey tomorrow over the seas to you…..before time is called.

  5. Hooray for crafitism!!! and cake! 😀

  6. I KNEW I tossed you into my RSS Feed Reader for a good reason…activism! 🙂 What a wonderful way to raise much needed funds and allow people to be creative and generous at the same time. Lubbly jubbly ma’am 🙂

  7. What a wonderful idea and, even though I won’t be able to join you, I’ve another couple of yarn balls to contribute to the new project – and if you need any leaves crocheted for the tree, then I’m volunteering, as I’ve got a load of patterns I can use 🙂

  8. So pleased that your meeting with Katy was marked by a special square! I love the blanket and think your big SOH square is just perfect!-Karen

  9. You’ve done a wonderful thing with your “masterpiece”, inspiring people from all over to contribute and share and participate. Kate’s quilt is a piece of beautiful art, as well. I love following your posts.

  10. I made mine too large (I can’t explain or you’d know what I was up to), so have ripped it out and re-started. I’ll let you know when it’s done and posted. I’m glad you have thought of a pillow to match, if any squares are too late for the Masterpiece itself. It’s looking gorgeous already! ~ Linne

    • Looby, my permaculture tutor, has promised to give me her square at my tutorial in the middle of May, so I will hold off finishing the blanket until then anyway. Really looking forward to your contribution 🙂


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