These foolish things

Today is 1 April – traditionally associated with practical jokes and fools. I’m not a fan of the practical joke – it seems like a mean way to be entertained, and always at the expense of someone else. As for ‘corporate jokes’, they rarely raise much of a smile; the ones listed in this article in The Telegraph today seem particularly dull. I do, however like a bit of silliness. The world is a better place for us laughing together rather than at each other. So, rather than play a trick on you, I thought I’d share just a few frivolous things that make me smile…


Worm, toadstools, slug, strawberry, Cooey the pigeon and a bacterium

Worm, toadstools, slug, strawberry, Cooey the pigeon, a cup cake and a bacterium

An unexpected gift

A lucet from Linda

A lucet from Linda

Chickens… they don’t come much more foolish than this



Self-patterning yarn

Doesn't look very promising in the ball, but makes fantastic socks and random hexipuffs

Doesn’t look very promising in the ball, but makes fantastic socks and random hexipuffs

The newly invented ‘slippie’

Our slippers!

Mr Snail-of-happiness and me… with toastie toes

And, finally, not foolish, but something that always raises a smile… a lovely sunrise:

Winter sunrise

Winter sunrise

So, what’s making you smile or laugh today?

Oh, and a little addition… these foolish things make me laugh too:

Max and Sam

Max and Sam


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  1. The lucet looks very interesting.
    Over the years there have been some great April Fool’s Day spoofs on TV which have been harmless.The great one featuring the spaghetti trees comes to mind. No harm done and everyone gets a laugh. I’ve also just been reading about the French game for the day Poisson d’Avril which is to stick coloured paper fish to someone’s back which also sounds fun and harmless.These non-malicious games are fine, but me, I’m staying indoors till at least mid-day.
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx

  2. Your Lorna made me smile. Sharon’s Bashful made me smile earlier. The cooler semi-autumn weather here is making me smile. And I’m about to start a new blog post and make a penguin hat for a little girl, so also reason to smile. 🙂

  3. Beautiful sunset. I listened to the radio this morning and every item seemed capable of being an April fool – but it was just politicians being their usual selves.

  4. Love, love, love this post! It made me smile just looking at it. 😀 I’m also all smiles today because of my husband’s birthday…we have loads of fun things planned to celebrate…woohoo for pie, presents, and family goofiness! By they way…your chickens are awesome!

  5. HaHa! The joke is on me! I thought “that little cup cake looks just like the type I make! as does the strawberry. LOL.” ‘ere, wait a mo! it IS one of mine!!!!
    The chickens are so sweet and the doggies are “kiss worthy”

  6. A lucet eh? What an interesting thing? I am going to get Steve to make me a large one and am going to see if I cant “fingerknit” a couple of strands of thick wool at once and turn out a large chain that I can coil to make a rug. Cheers for the idea :). You are SO right about chickens! Those slippies look amazing! It is coming up winter here and I could certainly do with a pair of them :). Our 2 dogs alternate in making us laugh and twitch, usually in the same sentence. Yesterday Earl was rolling on the ground with a blanket on his head (fool anyone? 😉 ) and then decided to jump up onto the computer keyboard where he promptly flipped it off the desk and onto the floor, managing to turn on the media player AND flip off the F3 key at the same time…sigh… I live in a sea of “fools” 😉

    • I had never heard of a lucet before Linda gave me the one pictured… she told me that the Vikings used really big ones, so your plan fits with that.
      I am visualising Earl rolling around with a blanket on his head…
      There’s a pattern for the slippers: if you are feeling inspired.

      • I am feeling inspired and completely and utterly blissed out by that gorgeous pattern share :). Earl isn’t really a “dog” per-se. He is what a dog would be if it didnt learn to sit, stay, “BEHAVE!” or anything else really and just did what feral dogs have done out in the wild forever. Earl IS that feral dog. Thank GOODNESS he is on our side is all I can say because Earl on the other side would be a terrifying thing indeed! ;). Off to snaffle that gorgeous pattern and tuck it away in my crafting files. I come from good Viking stock and obviously that lucet resonated with my Viking red blood cells in some base and entirely crazy way. Another craft for Steve to have to knock up on his long suffering workbench 😉

  7. My son texted me with an “urgent” message from school, trying to state there was an emergency. I did not fall for it! But with smiles in mind, I love to take sunrise and sunset photos – the beauty of both times of the day make me feel wonderful.

  8. I LOVE Max and Sam.

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