Seedy Saturday

Some of today's work

Some of today’s work

Today I’ve been sowing… I love putting seeds into compost, knowing that such tiny things will transform into the huge variety of vegetables that we’ll be eating later on in the year. Today I planted squashes, pumpkins, courgettes, melons, tomatoes, ground cherry, runner beans and maize. Tomorrow I’ll be focusing on leafy things and starting off some mange tout. Already in the ground are garlic, shallots and some potatoes and there will be more of the latter going in soon. And, having fumigated the greenhouse earlier in the week, I’ve now transferred the peppers and chillis out there to carry on growing.

Beans in root trainers on the left and the propagator lid on for double insulation of the more sensitive seeds

Beans in root trainers on the left and the propagator lid on for double insulation of the more sensitive seeds (it’s not plugged in)

This year I’m trying to focus on using up resources that I already have. In the pictures you can see that most of my curcurbits are planted in coir pots… I bought loads of these years ago and I think that these are the last of the batch. I’ve also done some more planting in toilet roll middles and the beans are planted in some very old root trainers, which are just about holding together… I’m very reluctant to replace them as they are quiet expensive.

What a lovely time of the year… fingers crossed everything germinates.


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  1. We are planting like mad at the moment too. The polytunnel is almost ready after its redesign and we are steadily getting the new crops in. 🙂

  2. Planting is happening here too, although I’m opposite to you and in autumn, but it’s my best growing season here in the sub-tropics. Somehow 2 of my chooks, one that naughty crowing girl…got into the bed of bok choy that was almost ready to harvest! I don’t mind them sharing and they could nibble through the wire, but it’s awful when they get in and scratch everything out of the ground. I couldn’t speak to them for a couple of days. More has been planted so all’s well. I look forward to seeing your garden progress…..I’d love to be able to pop into Kate’s with you too for a cuppa and a look at her garden 🙂

    • Oh, they do like oriental greens don’t they? But it is the digging that’s so destructive.
      If you are ever in west Wales I’m sure both Kate and I would be delighted to welcome you!

  3. Now the groundwork is in place and the forecast is good, I’ll cross my fingers ffor a bumper crop.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  4. How satisfying.

  5. All of you industrious people, and here I am happy that I have a big bin full of potato plants. Baby steps I guess…

  6. I’m so jelaous of your gardening skill….. I wish I were as able as you are….

    • I just love seeing things grow… and there is no other feeling like harvesting your own food… even if it’s just some herbs.

      • I know I know ….. it’s exactly that that I’m not capable to doooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 😦 😦 I’m trying to persuade my man to try gowing something,maybe he’ll have more sensibility than me….

  7. It’s planting time for us as well but our seeds are kale and Brussels sprouts and cauliflower and purple sprouting broccoli. I have a stack of potato onions to go into the ground and garlic that needs to be planted out ASAP. Going to grow some spinach and more beetroots and I am assured that we should be planting out carrots now but as this is my very first winter crop who would know?! We live on a steep slope that veers chaotically down into the river and that is covered in rocks (and those rocks only represent a tiny proportion of the rockiness that is represented below the topsoil…) but our rocky disposition and our close proximity to a largish body of water means that we don’t get much frost here. It practically has to be snowing in the city 50km away before it gets cold enough to get a teeny bit frosty here so we can grow things all year round. Can’t wait to see how your seedy babies go 🙂

    • Sepp Holtzer is very fond of rocks acting as ‘storage heaters’, which yours clearly do… there always has to be a bright side!

      • Pity we can’t plant anything in our soil but needs must (as my old granny used to say) and we build up! 🙂

  8. What a lovely time of year in England, still so bleak but promising. I’m far away from all that, and will be still further when I get home. I wish I could send you seeds from here: breadfruit, guava, mango, Barbados cherry, goldenapple, eddo, sweet potato, kang kong… Somehow, though, I don’t think they’ll do too well in Wales. Talk to you soon. K xx


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