Daffodil, willow and snail

I promise that I won’t report back every time I have personal contact with one of my fellow bloggers, but I do want to share these with you:

Mementos of our first meeting

Mementos of our first meeting

A few weeks ago I travelled all of 500m from my front door to see Katy the Night Owl… fellow blogger. We would never have met if it wasn’t for blogging, despite living so close to each other. Anyway, on that first meeting I took her a bunch of daffodils (that we were kindly allowed to pick by Reena, a local farmer’s wife) and budding willow (from our hedge).

Katy was keen to make a contribution to the masterpiece and so her squares were inspired by that bunch of flowers. I went round to see her yesterday for a chat and to collect these beautiful creations. In addition, she had crocheted a tiny snail for me, that she turned into a brooch whilst we drank tea together… he’s there on the picture, but doesn’t show up very well.

I was able to take the BonBon hat over to show Katy how beautifully the yarn she had given me had worked up. Inspired, she added a BonBon to her list of things to make.

I’m still bowled over by the sense of community here in the blogosphere and the joy of finding individuals with similar interests, but I never expected to make a friend who I could walk over to have a cup of tea with whenever I felt like!

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  1. I adore the daffodil! Hope the snail liked it too 🙂

  2. It is heartwarming to hear of the connection you have made and I totally understand how you feel about the joy of these new friendships. Blogging and the interaction and feedback I find I can rely on through my blog has changed my life- for the better! It is truly amazing. So please don’t apologise, I an cheering for you from my sunny garden!
    The squares are lovely……especially the daffodil and to make such special things just for you is truly special. Kind Regards, Karen.

  3. A heart warming story x

  4. Katy’s ALSO going to make a bonbon? Hoo ha!!! 🙂

  5. That willow square is fantastic, so is the daffodil one. The willow square is knitted ?

  6. What a clever girl! I, too, am constantly amazed at how I am able to find people who think like me here in the blogosphere. I would have thought that they were all comitted years ago? 😉

  7. Must remember to put the kettle on next time we Skype! Just got back today, nearly dead after three consecutive nights spent on a plane, but I have Easter to recover in. Talk to you soon!


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