Let’s get ready to crumble!

So, the season of British rhubarb and British strawberries is here… hurrah! Possibly my all-time favourite fruit combination and a great way of using up strawberries that are slightly past their best. I like them best served in a crumble, which is exactly what I made for dessert last night:

As you can see, the rhubarb was freshly picked from the garden. I made the crumble topping with 50/50 white and stoneground wholemeal flour, plus butter and soft brown sugar, and I did have to sweeten the fruit a bit as it was rather tart without any added sugar. Not a bad way to get two of your ‘five-a-day’!

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  1. We’ve got strawberries virtually coming out of our ears. If only I could persuade the rhubarb that it wanted to join in ….

  2. When I clicked ‘LIke’, it wasn’t just because I liked the post! Yum!

  3. ohhhhhhhh, i ❤ crumbles!

  4. You found my weak spot.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

  5. Perfect! I really do not think there is a better pudding! I hope you served it with plenty of cream or custard (or both) x

  6. This looks amazing. I can’t remember the last time I had rhubarb.

  7. Excuse me while I go and wipe the drool off my chin. Also fabulous with a flaky or puff pastry top; caramelised juices and pastry, mmmmmmmmm

  8. I haven’t had strawberries and rhubarb in years. I want some now!

  9. man oh man do I love rhubarb. Don’t see it too often in the supermarkets here….


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