And still they come…

My diploma portfolio and the masterpiece

My diploma portfolio and the masterpiece

You will have noticed that I have been very remiss in keeping you updated about the masterpiece… it’s not been forgotten, I’ve just had to concentrate on completing the written portfolio for my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, which the masterpiece is a physical representation of. I’m pleased to report now, however, that the writing is nearly complete and, aside from some checking of details, my portfolio is nearly ready to submit – hurrah! There it is on the left, laid out on the masterpiece with some accompanying, as yet unincorporated, squares. I’ve made a cover for each design that features the square I created to represent it and I’m very happy with the result. You can also see my tree of life – made of words!

A new snail

A new snail

As you will notice, though, there is quite a pile of squares that haven’t yet made it into the blanket. Because of this delay, I have been able to continue accepting squares, which means, for example, that I was given a completely unexpected snail square on Saturday. In fact, this square was really destined for the community craft project I started at Denmark Farm (more details here), but I fell in love with it and Lindsay kindly gave it to me for the masterpiece. I really love the fact that she did free-form crochet, starting in the centre of the snail shell and working from there.

There are at least three more squares already made, but not yet with me, so if anyone is reading about this for the first time and feels like contributing, there is still time. Or anyone who thought they’d like to contribute, but missed getting a square to me by my original deadline. In fact, I’m going to need at least six more squares.  I’ll make them myself to finish things off, but contributions would be welcome to fill these gaps if you’d like to help me out.

I have to say, it will be a massive relief to send my portfolio off for marking next week and to be able to focus on making progress with the masterpiece. I still haven’t decided what edging to use for it, but the time is coming when I will have to make a decision… any suggestions gratefully received!

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  1. It just keeps on growing! It’s aliiiiiiive! Congratulations on being in the home stretch. I must say, I’m looking forward to the post where you do the final show and tell.

  2. Just popped over from the permaculture diploma facebook page – what a jolly blog you have here! Very much enjoyed reading back through your archives a bit (although I’m having to drag myself away now to do some work, unfortunately). I love the way you’ve brought your love of crochet into the diploma. I’ve just started mine this week so it’s really interesting to see how other people have done things.

    I’ll be at the convergence in September so I very much hope to be able to see your presentation

    Jenni xx

  3. I love the idea of producing something tangible alongside your diploma work so that after you have completed your diploma you will still have that process in a visual (and tactile) form to remember your efforts. Kudos on finishing and on almost completing The Masterpiece. Can’t wait to see it completed and edged in all it’s intellectual glory and 2 snail squares! Now your snail won’t be lonely 🙂

  4. Such a cute wee square!

  5. You must be so relieved to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel at last – well done for getting to the end of such an amazing accomplishment 🙂

    I can’t wait to see the finished Masterpiece now! 🙂


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