Bling bags

As a thank-you, I made my friend who gave me the box of shiny thread two string bags embellished with it. She promptly named them “bling bags”. I shall call them this when I finally get round to making some for my future etsy shop (watch this space). For the time being, I just thought you might like to see how they came out:

They are much more sparkly than they appear in the pictures… ideal for glamorous shopping.

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  1. Woohoo for a future Etsy shop! I can’t wait to see what you do with it. 😀 The bags are fabulous…I particularly like how they get so small and buttony. 🙂

  2. glamorous shopping – bring it on!!!

  3. You could take them to Harrod’s and be very proud of your purchases 🙂

    • They are more likely to be seen at the farmers’ market… or possibly my local yarn shop!

      • Where EVERYONE who is anyone is going to want one. I live in farthest far-flung Antipodean Tasmania Australia and “I” want one! When is that Etsy store going to be open?

  4. I do like the little pouches to fold them away into.

  5. Very glam. I’m going to buy all the string vests from the charity shops now and sell them as DIY kits.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. How much will you sell them for and can I please buy one, or is there something I can make for you that I can barter? The little recycled fabric fold up one that lives permanently in my handbag doesn’t expand much, and I need something stretchier…

    • I’m sure a swap for some seeds would be most acceptable. Do you have a colour preference? I am currently investigating sources of coloured cotton yarn… sadly fashion seems to get in the way somewhat!

      • A darkish colour, for preference, since it will be spending its life knocking about in the bottom of my handbag and may become slightly grubby…. The new Digger’s catalogue is not yet out, but when it is, do browse to the value you think the bag is worth and I’ll order and send them over.

  7. Is this what you were knitting / crotcheting during our ecology discussions?

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