Not quite the big reveal…

I know that lots of you have been itching to see progress on the Masterpiece and I have been remiss about keeping you updated. Frankly, over recent weeks, something had to give and this was it. As a result I have lots of squares to post up on the Masterpiece Page as well as work to do on the scrapbook, although some of the pictures have made it onto the Pinterest board. However, having got my portfolio of permaculture designs sent off at the beginning of the week, I have had time to focus on some crochet.

Yarn from Karen... just starting the square

Yarn from Karen… just starting the square

All the squares that I have received are now part of the blanket and there is a gap for just one more that I’m expecting very soon. The final square that I am making myself is from wool sent to me by the lovely Karen B of Sweet Baby Veg. In fact, I had a couple of other squares already done, but when this yarn arrived this week, I just had to add some to my blanket. I haven’t decided what to do with the rest, but I will, no doubt be inspired soon. Karen was very modest about her gift, saying that it was not particularly original, but I honestly cannot think of a better parcel to arrive through the post. The yarn is made by Tavistock Tastes and Textures and is from their flock of Jacob’s sheep, which graze on Dartmoor. The colours are ‘natural’, ‘rust’ and ‘ocean’. It’s turning out to be lovely yarn to work with and speedily worked up…

Completed square

Completed square

Anyway, this is where I am at so far, with the above square and the one from Lorraine still to be incorporated and then lots of edging. What do you think?

So far, it’s got Max’s approval:

And Sam’s quite keen too:

Happy dogs

Happy dogs

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  1. Looks bloomin’ marvelous.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Sensational! Amazing that such different squares have blended and combined so well into a really interesting piece of work. You should be very proud, being not only the instigator and coordinator, but also the master designer and assembler!

    • I’m still surprised that It looks like it was planned… now I’m just getting overheated working underneath it!

      • I know the feeling! Quilting something by hand is now an activity where I have to put on the aircon, otherwise I’ll swelter. But the one we have on the bed is most welcome just now, as our night time temperature has gone down to about 14C.

        • Just heard from my friend who is sending the last square to say it will be on its way soon… so excited! And I think I’ve found the edging I want to do too… need a trial run before I decide though…. after that it’s going to be heatstroke all the way!

  3. Jan I love this, it truly is a masterpiece. beautiful, and so vibrant. What will happen to it? Maybe I have missed that, I’m sure you have said?? Is there a story behind all this? I would love a beautiful colorful blanket like this. I need to learn to crochet!! Just lovely, truly lovely 🙂

    • Well, it’s a record of my diploma, so there are contributions from all sorts of people – apprentices, my tutor, family, lots of folks who read this blog. There’s an accompanying scrapbook which explains the origin of each square (as well as the Masterpiece page – link at the top). I will be keeping it as a memory of my diploma work and connections… it’s also coming to the convergence as the focus for my accreditation presentation. After that, it’s likely to be on my bed!
      I’m very taken with the idea of friendship blankets like this and would love to contribute to other people’s if anyone decides to make one.

  4. Simply stunning!What a beauty !!!

  5. What an inspirational piece of work. I wish I had the patience/dedication to join together so many squares.

  6. The squares you brought to show me look fabulous on the Masterpiece, Jan – it’s going to be an amazing piece when it’s all finished!

    Pity you couldn’t exhibit it somewhere for people to see close-up! 🙂

    P.S: I love the pics with Max, and Sam! Lol

  7. It is looking totally sensational! A true masterpiece! I hope it goes on exhibition somewhere.
    I must say, I am so quietly pleased to think that I have made a tiny contribution to the project. I am so happy that you used the wool I sent and to feel part of such a special community creation.
    When people work together…look what can be achieved!

  8. OOOO Scrumptious! What are you going to do with it once it’s finished? It’s lovely 🙂 I got waylaid in between the last post and this one and had to unpack our fortnights shopping, portion out our dogs steak for the next fortnight and cut up and dehydrate the rest of the steak for dog treats so I have been AWOL for a while…back now to finish off the snaily posts of great happiness 🙂

    • Busy Narf!
      I am planning to snuggle underneath is during soggy winters to come!

      • Bliss 🙂 I am currently snuggling underneath a bulky crochet that I did recently. Not quite big enough to meet around my (potatoeque) physique so I am going to crochet a bit more around the edges for the sake of posterity 😉

  9. I rarely can take photos of my crochet without a dog wanting to pose on my work! Lovely pictures of a fabulous labour of love


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