Narf’s Square

At the request of Narf, today’s post is a pattern for a granny square that I created and mentioned in a previous  post. If you don’t crochet, just enjoy the pretty pictures, but if you do, perhaps you can try this out and let me know if it works for you. The square was originally featured in a single colour:

The original incarnation

The original incarnation

But to make the design easier to follow, I’ve also made it using different colours, so that the stitches show up:

Colourful Narf square

Colourful Narf square

Actually, the two are very slightly different and the pattern is based on the multi-coloured one. All terminology is British and the abbreviations are as follows – slst: slip stitch; dc: double crochet; tr: trebble crochet; htr: half treble; ch: chain.

I made my square with a 4mm hook and double knitting wool, resulting in a 15cm/6 inch square. It is worked in rounds from the centre. If you want to change colours for the rounds, do so at the places I have marked with a ◊. Work once into each st of the previous round, unless otherwise stated

  • Start with a slst and 4ch. Join with a slst into the first chain to make a ring.
  • Round 1: 3ch (acts as the first tr), 11tr into the centre of the ring, slst into 3rd st of initial chain (12 st) ◊
  • Round 2: 3ch (acts as the first tr), tr into same st, 2tr into each st round the ring, slst into 3rd st of initial chain (24 st) ◊
  • Round 3: [4ch, miss 2st, slst into next st] 8 times; slst into last slst of the previous round
  • Round 4: 5dc into each of the eight 4ch loops, slst into first st of the round ◊
  • Round 5: if you are using a single colour, slst once into each of the first 3 st in round 4; if you are changing colours, reattach your yarn in the middle (3rd) st of one of the sets of 5 sts in round 4. THEN [7ch, slst into st 3 of the next set of 5dcs in round 4] 8 times back round to the beginning; slst into the base of the first ch st of the round
  • Round 6: 9dc into each of  the eight 7ch loops, slst into first st of the round ◊
  • Round 7: 2ch, htr, dc, 2slst, [9ch, slst into st5 of the next set of 9dcs in round 6, slst, dc, 4htr, dc, 2slst] three times, 9ch, slst into st5 of the next set of 9dcs in round 6, slst, dc, 2htr, slst into second st of the initial chain in this round
  • Round 8: 3ch (acts as the first tr), [tr into each st until you reach the 9ch in the previous round, then in the 9ch 5tr, 3ch space, 5tr] 4 times, 1tr into each remaining sts of the previous round to the end, slst into 3rd st of initial chain ◊
  • Round 9: 3ch (acts as the first tr), [tr into each st until you reach the corner ch3 of the previous round, in this ch 2tr, 3ch space, 2tr] 4 times, tr once in each st to the end of the round,  slst into 3rd st of initial chain

And that’s it… please let me know if you find any mistakes. This is the first pattern I have actually published, so I’d be surprised if there aren’t a few teething troubles!!

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  1. Heck, you have to be a polyglot and ambidextrous ( yes it is legal in the UK these days) just to start crocheting. No wonder I’m cro(t)chety.. K1, P1 drop 2.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. I love it more in one solid colour, but that’s just me. Anyhow, I’ll be leaving the crochet up to you for the foreseeable, having only just got to grips with knitting abbreviations!

  3. In Round 7, need to change 7dc to 9dc In Round 9, I would refer to the 3ch at the corners as a ‘3ch space’, and I tend to put the number before the stitch type, but that’s just me, look forward to some more patterns, this one will go into Tess n Tors blanket, on the home straight now, 11 more to go!!! Hope all good with you S xxx

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Oooh, I’m definitely going to be trying this one, Jan – it really looks lovely with one colour, or many! 🙂

  5. I am DEAD chuffed that a gorgeous and most exotic crochet square has been called narfs square 🙂 It’s almost art deco it’s that lovely and I am going to crochet something beautiful out of a series of squares. Thank you SO much for sharing with us. From your mum and from me, domo arigato! 🙂

    • Hehe… I was wondering when you would find it! It’s even linked to on Ravelry… just search in patterns for ‘Narf’ and there it is!

      • I am blushing 🙂 I have been holed up all week studying and it was lovely to see my RSS Feed Reader cram packed with snails that I didn’t have to squish 😉 Seriously, I am thinking about getting you your own RSS Feed Reader, I need one to cope with all of your posts 😉

  6. Why can’t I like this again eh? “Hey everyone, get yourselves off to Ravelry post haste and get yourselves this sweet and most awesome pattern via Ravelry (still free but with benefits for Ms Snail) and build up her Ravelry presence please :)”


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