One last very special square

Today I received the final square for my Masterpiece blanket – delivered by hand by the lovely Lorraine of Greenweeds. She is the person who taught me how to felt and who is a fount of knowledge about all things wool. She makes amazing things from felt, with a particular emphasis on British wool. I was quite surprised, therefore, that the square she brought me is knitted:

A very special square

A very special square

But there is a reason. In the letter that accompanied it, she wrote:

It was knitted from my first (decent) spinning from the very first shearing of my darling sheep Dipsy. Knitted, then, in 2004 so somewhat older than some of the squares I imagine.

Without Dipsy and her brother Dribble I wouldn’t have “discovered” wool. Without discovering wool I wouldn’t have “discovered” felt. Without discovering felt I would have been a different person, with a different life, and there’s every chance we would not have met.

And so, you see, although very plain this square is nonetheless very special to me and I am happy that it has found a special home in your blanket.

So now you know just how what an amazing gift this is. I’m quite overwhelmed to have received this and delighted to include it as the final piece in my Masterpiece. Thank you Lorraine.

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  1. The finished article will be quite outstanding.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • I could just do with some cool weather so I don’t die of heat exhaustion whilst finishing it off!! I don’t really mean that… I will suffer for my art in silence.

  2. Wow your masterpiece blanket will have such a history, good luck

    • I’m so glad I asked people to write about the squares so that I have a permanent record… just need to finish compiling the scrapbook with them in now!

  3. That last square was very much worth waiting for, wasn’t it? 🙂
    Now for the edging! Lol

  4. I love the square for it’s simplicity and it’s story, which is priceless.
    What a gift! It resonates with meaning and friendship.
    Truly lovely.

  5. Oh thats LOVELY :). That’s the beautiful thing about this quilt, your diploma and this whole communal effort, it’s a wonderful selection and series of small stories all bound together by yarn and a developing worldwide sense of community. It reminds us that we are all part of this equation, that no matter how different, culturally, ethnically etc. we are, we all have a story to tell and this quilt is a wonderful example of how a group of people from all over the world can unite to create something beautiful for a common cause 🙂

    • I couldn’t have put it better… actually I’m sad to be finishing it… I wanted to go on making it forever!

      • It could be the first of many. Try making one for charity next. I will be most happy to send over some squares even if you raffle it off for a wonderful cause or something. Even if you just make a series of them for snuggling under I am up for sending some squares…like Mr Grace from “Are you being served” would say…”keep it up, you’ve all done very well” 😉


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