21st Century Womble (recycled)

As I cleaned out the new chicken house with an old spatula that we found on the pavement ages ago, I was reminded of this post, written in September 2012. I think it’s worth revisiting it… I’m still a Womble, possibly more so as my girth increases with age!

It’s also worth adding a picture, I think, for those of you who’ve never met a Womble:

These are Wombles (Guardian website)


The Snail of Happiness

Do you know what a Womble is? If you were a child growing up in the 1970s in Britain, you certainly do, but I’m not sure how far their fame spread and whether they crossed the Atlantic to become popular in the US or traveled half way round the world to the Antipodes… I hope they did.

Wombles may have been the greenest creatures ever created… they were certainly well ahead of their time. They are smallish furry animals with an eye for potential: collecting what others perceive as rubbish and transforming it into useful items. The original books were written by Elisabeth Beresford (the first was published in 1968) but then made into a television series that was narrated by Bernard Cribbins. Ms Beresford was an author with vision – she created a group of characters who could save the world if they were in charge: unassuming grassroots environmentalists.

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  1. The Wombles were my favourite TV characters growing up, and as soon as I read, or hear, their name, I immediately start singing ‘Underground, overground Wombling free, the Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we, making good use of the things that we find, things that the everyday folk leave behind!’ Lol

    But you are so right. It doesn’t take much effort to think of ways things can be re-used, recycled, or transformed, and Mr Night Owl and I are always happy to do so when we can. This not only helps towards saving the increasingly vanishing resources of the earth, but it also helps save us time and money, thus allowing us these things to make life that little bit better 🙂


  2. Yes, the Wombles were transported to the Colonies. While I didn’t actually watch, being the mother at the time and usually doing something necessary, my daughter did. But I don’t think I knew they were recyclers until fairly recently, when they were the topic of conversation on a British game show. I agree, recycle, upcycle do whatever we can. I recently bought the very fancy looking back of a discarded day bed for a few dollars at the tip shop, it’s becoming the fence for my veggie patch…..perhaps I can be an honorary Antipodean womble?


  3. Corse the wombles made it out to the Antipodes…Uncle Tobamori, Tompsk and Orinoko were firm favourites when I was a kid. I wanted to visit the commons to see if I could spot me a womble or a borrower. We Aussies grew up on excellent U.K. kids television 🙂 What about Chorlton and the wheelies? We can’t be forgetting them and Morph etc… great fun 🙂


  4. I think of myself as a Womble. Uncle Bulgaria is my spiritual elder 🙂

    I’ve just found a couple of episodes for the kids to watch, they loved it! Thank you for the blast from the past!


    • I do wish I was a bit more Tobermory sometimes – he was so innovative! As it turns out, I suspect I’m more Madame Cholet… and am developing the waistline to match!



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