On edge

Finally, all the squares are stitched together in the Masterpiece blanket and so I’m on to edging it.

All the squares!

All the squares!

I had grand ideas of a fancy edging originally, and I did test out one option that I thought would look great:

Test on a spare granny square

Test on a spare granny square

But actually I hate it! I’m sure it would look fine on a baby blanket, but it just wasn’t right for the masterpiece. If you do like it, you can find the instructions here. I realised, however, that what I want for the masterpiece is a frame: something simple. I have never been keen on very fancy picture frames, so why should this be any different?

I have, therefore, decided to start with a few rows of trebles so that there’s a simple base to work from and after that, I think I’m going to do some rows with granny-square style clusters of three trebles, followed by a wavy edge like this:

Bunny Mummy’s Double-V Edging (click on the picture to visit her web site for instructions)

That way, the focus will still be the squares. I might go as far as doing the outer few rows in black rather than blueberry, but I’m  not sure yet.

I haven’t even managed the first round of trebles yet, but at least I’ve made a start and so it should be completed within a few weeks if I focus. After that, I just need to get the scrapbook in order and (finally) update the Masterpiece page here on the blog. The end really is in sight!


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  1. I agree – I like the idea of fancy edges, and I keep trying them out, but in practice I prefer something neat that frames the work and lets it speak for itself.

    • I think I like the fancy things when I see them in isolation, and perhaps they are great for a very plain object, but usually I’ve made something quite interesting in itself!

  2. As expected it looks absolutely fantastic. A simple edging for conformity will not distract from the colours and patterns of the centre. Well done you and all those who contributed.
    xxx Hugs Galore xxx

    • Your contribution is already in the scrapbook, David, but I’ve got lots that still need to be stuck in… that’s a lovely thing too, but much more difficult to photograph. I think I might do a Prezi ‘show’ with all of the letters and squares, which would be easier to browse on-line than the current page.

  3. I’m going to miss the Masterpiece Community. I feel you should immediately start your Tree of Life blanket so that we don’t suffer from Participation Withdrawal Symptoms… PS, my Diggers Club Seed Annual is out – would you like a Skype so I can tell you what’s in it and send you anything you can’t live without?

  4. I think the v edging will frame the blanket to perfection, it’s all come together wonderfully

  5. So if you don’t like the bobbles I take it this is out of the question? 😉


  6. It looks wonderful. I also think a less fancy edging is better. 🙂

  7. I’m totally with you on using a simpler edging. The Masterpiece speaks for itself, and a simple edging, as you said, will frame it beautifully 🙂
    Well done you, at getting it so very well together 🙂

  8. Its amazing!! Must have been a lot of work!
    I agree with the simpler edging. Bobbles wouldve just distracted.
    How excited its nearly complete!


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