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Some years ago there was a BBC television programme called It’s not easy being green. Whilst it included some interesting things, it used to annoy the hell out of  me and Mr Snail, mainly because of the title. What better way to put people off trying to be more ‘green’ than by telling them that it’s difficult?

So, I want to share some images of what you can do to ‘be green’ that is not only easy, but fun, delicious, empowering, enjoyable, sociable and good for the planet. Let’s not wallow in the negativity; let’s not believe that the only people who can make a difference are rich or famous or in charge of big corporations. Let’s remember that we are all well-connected, because we are all connected with each other.

So, here are some of the ways that I have been green over the past few years.

I’ve been making my garden productive:

I’ve been putting my money where my mouth is and supporting local producers and installers as well as companies who recycle:

I’ve been reducing packaging, especially single-use plastic:

I’ve been cooking delicious food with simple ingredients:

I’ve been creative – resuing, recycling repairing and repurposing:

And, not forgetting to share your ideas:

So, why not give being green a go? You might enjoy yourself!

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  1. Oh gosh you make it look so wonderful,just a need to change a mind set I guess!

  2. I also hated the title. But when you think about the reference to the song from Kermit the frog ( a b side from Sesame Street) I think the point is that standing out from the crowd is hard. Though I agree it’s not obvious to most people.

    • Too subtle… I think most people would just have taken it at face value… which is a shame since there was some interesting stuff on the show.

      • Yep. You’re right. I think the people who made the show said as much too but the producers were keen in the name sadly.

  3. Wow! What a fantastic post. It is very impressive to read and see how much you both do to follow a green lifestyle. What I enjoyed about this was that I could actually give myself a little pat on the back for following a lot of the things you are illustrating too! It’s funny, but I don’t even think about many of the things as being anything other than normal home and garden management. I simply do what the women in my family have always done. It should not be considered hard, or a big effort to do these things, but I realise that is not the case for many.
    Three cheers for you pointing out to us all that often the simple and old fashioned ways are best.
    Love your chickens!

    • It’s possible to make a difference in all sorts of ways. For example, today I made a raspberry version of your cake – it’s heavenly and really easy – thank you!

  4. A great way to save money and to help the local economy at the same time. I’m dreaming of stewed rhubarb and custard now. Anybody got a tissue handy, I’m drooling again.
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

  5. Beautiful ideas, very creative, I thoroughly enjoyed the post!

  6. A beautiful collection of photos from a simple life, truly lovely!

    • Thank you… it’s not always that simple, but we try!

      • Oh I know, it’s ALOT more work than walking into stores to buy whatever but I love it… it’s a gentler way of life, well that’s what it has brought to me. It’s brought appreciation for nature, our earth, an awareness of needs v wants – a simplicity. You are doing it beautifully 🙂

  7. Its only hard being green when you are surrounded by rednecks…but then you just have to work smarter not harder 😉 People are always going to be suspicious of anything that challenges their own person status quo. If you can show them that it is going to benefit “them” then it’s sold. “Smarter, not harder” my new motto 🙂

    • Good motto… I think I will adopt it!

      • Hopefully you aren’t surrounded by rednecks (like we are 😉 ) It’s amazing how well you learn to blend in with the natives and like the wolf in sheep’s clothing…take them out…one…by…one… 😉

  8. When I think of how many of these things I used to do, it makes me want to go back, and do them all over again 🙂

    I’m with you on the ‘it’s easier than you think’ mindset, though as, although things always seemed to take that little bit longer, I always had the satisfaction of knowing that most of our household needs were provided mainly by us, but also by local producers 🙂

    Like the wonderfully tasty courgettes you brought around, it all saved on so many travel miles 🙂

  9. It’s not easy being green, it’s DEAD easy being green! And more satisfying, and cheaper and more fun, and more creative and more interesting and more responsible…. well, you get the picture, I’m sure. And by the way, we need more photos of the Girls, please. I miss mine and enjoy yours vicariously.

  10. Tamika Simpson

     /  July 14, 2014

    Your images reflect my life…..perfectly. Nice to connect with other like minded souls. Nice blog site. I love the work we do for, earth, family and friends.

  11. Love this! The more you do, the easier it becomes, and the more you wonder why you did it any other way!

  12. What a great post and such beautiful photos: a garden of Eden indeed. And very inspiring as well. All good stuff and well done!!

  13. This is really good and a great way to summerise what you’re doing! Hopefully I will get to the point you’re at one day 🙂


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