Baskets of eggs

My friend Lizze has a very wise gran – Sylvia. In my absence I thought I would share some of her advice with you

Sometimes life makes you put all your eggs in one basket, but it doesn’t tell you what kind of basket you have to have. Get a rubber one with springs on the bottom.

Some of the outputs

Some of my eggs in a basket!

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  1. LOL


  2. That looks like a vegetable frittata waiting to happen… The shopping bag has been on its first outing to the supermarket, where I smugly unfolded it and stowed away my groceries. Thank you so much, it’s beautiful!

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    • The only trouble is that you have to allow extra time for shopping, as the person serving you will almost always want to ask about the bag!!


      • True, especially about the glittery thread, which is very unusual. And I forgot to send you the courgette recipe by email, so here it is, before I forget again:

        4 cups (about teacup size, 250ml) grated courgette, lightly salted, stand for 15 minutes, wash and squeeze dry.
        In a bowl beat 4 room temperature egg yolks, then stir in 1 cup crumbled feta, 1/2 cup finely chopped young onion, a little chopped mint, 1/3 cup of flour and salt and pepper to taste.
        In another bowl whisk the egg whites until they peak.
        Fold everything together and fry in a little butter until golden brown on both sides.

        Very yummy. And it uses lots of courgette!


      • Ooh – that sounds yummy!


  3. LOL! Better still…feed your chooks rubber so that their egg shells bounce ;). Getting rid of a HUGE portion of our chooks today as a “man” is coming to take all of our roosters. Have to leave them all cooped up till 10am in their small enclosure. I feel like a bit of a traitor but we have WAY too many. Hope the remaining rooster and all of the hens and our one duck aren’t too traumatised by it all 😦


    • Hope they were all safely caught and removed and you have a happy remaining flock.


      • 33 roosters were swiftly and silently removed by “the weasel man” who I am still in awe of. Slinky little fellow that he was, he caught all of them without trauma to the rest of the flock and even our suspicious duck was fine after the event…the man is a true weasel and Serendipity Farm is almost rooster free (aside from The Big Yin who we are keeping an eye on 😉 )



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