And the second piece of advice from Lizzie’s gran:

Listen properly before you speak, you don’t have to apologize as much then

I think this might be one our politicians would do well to heed!

Listening as we craft

Listening as we craft


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  1. Or perhaps: “Listen properly, and you may not need to speak at all…” Great advice for the pollies. I do like the look of your handcraft group. Why are you so far away?

    • I think that relocating the group to Oz might be a challenge and our internet connection at Denmark Farm is so poor I can’t even invite you to join us via Skype… mind you, we meet at 2pm, which would be the middle of the night for you, and probably not an ideal time to chat and craft.

  2. That is indeed excellent advice. 😀

  3. Do you belong to a crafting group? I reckon I should start something like that around here. Goodness only knows most of us are sitting at home alone crocheting, knitting, whatevering, so we may as well do it together and develop a bit of community in the process 😉

    • I started the Cake and Craft group myself… I really think there aren’t enough of them out there. Some people knit and natter, some stitch and bitch, but I was really keen to incorporate the cake aspect into the event! We even have a little Facebook page:

      • Awesome idea and one that I am in the process of pinching with impunity. I will let you know if it gets up and going so that you can sue me for pinching your idea 😉 Might have to make it hard for you…”muffins and machining?” or maybe “friand and fingerknitting?” or perhaps “croquembouche and crochet?”

  4. I echo what the narf said – what a great idea! We need more community around my way too!

    • I was surprised what a positive response I got… I publicised it on Facebook and wrote a piece for the town news-sheet and got a great turn out. What is particularly surprising is how many people are happy to do this when they are not making things for themselves – all our crafted goodies are going to be raffled off to raise money for charity.


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