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Many thanks (I think) to Kate Chiconi for nominating me to take part in this blog hop… aimed at introducing you to new blogs written by lovely creative people. Kate’s blog Tall Tales from Chiconia allows me to drool over wonderful (mainly quilted) creations that I would never make myself (having a love-hate relationship with my sewing machine).

Whilst I’m at it, I should also acknowledge that two other people asked me to participate in this blog hop – Jenny of Simply Hooked asked me a few weeks ago and her request somehow disappeared in a flurry of other things so that, by the time I realised I needed to reply, it was too late (sorry Jenny); and Wendy at Quarter Acre Lifestyle, who was pipped to the post because she asked me about two days after Kate! Anyway, go visit their sites too!!

The way this works is that there are a few questions to answer and then I point you in the direction of another couple of lovely creative blogs to check out, so here goes…

What am I working on?

It’s probably easiest to show you…

There’s lots of food and garden creativity too, which is on-going…

Currently, I am getting VERY creative with these:

The weight is in kilos not pounds

The weight is in kilos not pounds

And, at Denmark Farm, a whole group of us are getting creative to raise funds to support the work of the charity and keep the nature reserve open:

How does my work differ from that of others?

Well, apparently there are only a limited number of crafters who make mushrooms, bacteria, molluscs and the like! In addition, I do like to support local businesses (yarn shops and producers) and I try to buy British wool as much as possible. I also like to be as green as I can, so reusing, recycling and selecting ‘green’ yarn is important to me. I have spent quite a bit of time looking into the ethics of knitting yarns and continue to look for good options, although I know that I don’t always succeed.

In my life in general I try to be thoughtful about the resources I use and that’s reflected in my gardening – I like food metres rather than food miles whenever possible and I try to use the things I have creatively – hence a gate from a pallet, growing plants up an old rotary drier, planting seeds in old toilet roll middles etc. I’m certainly not alone in this sort of approach, but I do talk and write about it more than most people!

Why do I create what I do?

Because I’d go bonkers if I didn’t… I know some of you think I’m bonkers already, so just imagine how much worse I would be if I didn’t make all this stuff! Lots of folks I know tell me of the value of mediation (and medication), but frankly creating things is what works for me if I want relaxation or thinking time. What I think of as classic relaxation always feels like this to me:

Now, isn’t a spot of crochet much better than that?

Oh, and hand-knitted socks last so much longer and are so much more fun than bought ones!

And, I want to save the planet!

How does my creative process work?

I start doing about a million different things and then just pick up what I feel like when the mood takes me. This is why I’m not very keen on undertaking commissions… I just never want to do something that I have to do! It all works out in the end for me.

In the garden I do what needs doing plus whatever I feel like… as I said, I don’t like to feel obliged to do anything.

And now for my recommendations… two very different blogs, but both inspiring and both written by good friends of mine.

First is Katy the Night Owl’s blog about her crochet creations. Katy and I met through blogging and then discovered that we live about 500m away from each other. However, because Katy is mostly house-bound we would never have met without the technology. She’s currently helping me to make a dent in the great courgette mountain!

Second is Karen’s beautiful and poignant blog Sweet Baby Veg… full of amazing recipes and lovely pictures of Karen’s garden… I can only dream of a garden oasis as beautiful as the one she has created.

Katy and Karen will be posting their blog hop contributions next Monday, 4 August.

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  1. Nice work, and what a gorgeous array of photos. I’m particularly admiring the tapestry – I think I recognise a Candace Bahouth design from Ehrman? One of her Klimt range? I have a courgette recipe for you, I’ll email it over.


    • It is indeed one of Klimt tapestries from Ehrman… and I have a second one unstarted. I’m lacking a good light to allow me to work on them in the winter, so I think that might me my next investment.


  2. Great Scott SoH!! You make me feel like a complete slacker! I’ve never seen so many projects on the go at one time – keeping track of them all must be a feat in itself. I am soooo impressed! I LOVE when you said you don’t like to do something that you have to do – I am exactly the same! I hate even to promise to try to do something that somebody wants because I know my creative muse will just up and pack her bags and leave – what is that about?

    I’m loving all the crochet and the garden produce and the cooking and the saving of the planet too – most important! 🙂 I shall look forward to visiting your friends tomorrow when I will make some time to do so properly. Great post!


    • Lots of projects just means (a) I’m disorganised and (b) I have a short attention span!!
      Ah, that pesky, fickle muse… you can never rely on her to be around when you really need her!


  3. What a busy life. I stand still by comparison.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  4. Hello, I nominated you as a Very Inspiring Blogger in my post at 🙂


    • Thank you! Having been away for a few days (recent blog posts were queued up in advance!) it’s going to take me a bit of time to get round to responding properly.


  5. 🙂 I am also one who dislikes having to do what I have to do 🙂 A good post with some great photos…. and how neat that you met a neighbour through blogging, that’s lovely 🙂 I am not a quilter or crocheter but love Sweet Baby Veg’s blog, thanks for the link.


  6. Lucky I didn’t weigh in and ask as well as it would appear we were all dropped in it! ;). OOOOH! Licking the screen for all of those goodies! “ECH!” spitting out feathers…there should be a warning about chook photos prior to allowing your dear constant readers to run their tongues lustfully over their monitors with all of your scrumptious photos…back to food eh? Ok, tongue back but more careful this time, I think I swallowed a chook feather…I am truly in awe of your wonderful blog, your endeavours, your everything. I just shared that dalek mix tape with my sister on Facebook. I am sure that she is going to get an early morning kick out of it. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to Daleks first thing eh? ;). Now I REALLY know why I had to cram you into my RSS Feed Reader and never miss another post ever again 🙂 LOVE THIS SPACE 🙂


  7. Fantastic pics, as usual, Jan – but . . . HELP! . . . Only 4 days to think of something to write about! Lol



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