Stealth vegetables… and not so stealthy ones too

I’ve already bemoaned the sneaky courgettes that hide under leaves so that you only discover them after they have become monsters, but they are not the only devious vegetables in the garden. You would think that Boston squash, being bright yellow, would be easy to spot, but they aren’t always:

And green vegetables are even more of a challenge. We had completely overlooked this shark’s fin melon despite the fact that it’s hanging over our garden bench:

Some of our squashes are being more helpful, but they are the exception:

Out in the open

Out in the open

And I don’t even want to talk about the deceptive runner beans!

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  1. What a great crop you’re having this year. I am slowly putting my vegie garden to sleep ready for the move. The zucchini and beans are over and out, the bok choi, rocket and spinach the same, the strawberries transplanted into pots. Only the tomatoes are still rampant, loads of green fruit waiting for it to get a little warmer. I hope it happens before we move, otherwise I’ll have to find a way to transport the pod with them still in situ!

    • I have visions of you with a fork-lift, moving very slowly towards your new home with your precious IBC garden complete with unripe tomatoes 🙂

      • Considering it has to travel down Australia’s No. 1 Highway, I think the traffic cops might have something to say! We might get a trolley jack and see if we can load the tomato pod onto our trailer. The others can be emptied and carried that way.

  2. Goodness! Beans, yes, they HIDE, don’t they? I pick the first round, then go back, because I always see more. And if someone else comes along, they usually see more. Well, after all, their purpose, those veggies, is to make seeds, so of course, they’re hiding…

  3. It’s like an Easter egg hunt! Good things hiding, waiting to be discovered.

  4. We have the same. In fact one of our pumpkin patches appears to not have any fruit. But I know they are there… Hiding… It was the wrong idea to plant the black small pumpkins – they are invisible until you pick the plant. :/

  5. Always better to have more than less when it comes to veggies and there are so many ways to preserve them. Dry them out in slices and powder them to add to smoothies, sauces, soups etc. looks like I am going to have to get “squashing” more as I adore them so much. Lucky it is our growing season soon 😉

  6. Oh dear. My squash are in such heat stress that they wilt every afternoon, and the poor little fruits are easy to see.


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