Under the watchful gaze of Esmeralda…

The new flock is starting to get established

Unfortunately, Aliss has been a bit under the weather, but we are hoping that special meals of natural yoghurt plus a few doses of antibiotics will see her right. She’s spending most of her time with the others, but just occasionally, we put her on her own with a layer pellet/yoghurt mix so that no one else (Esme) will try to gobble it up first.

Special treatment for Aliss

Special treatment for Aliss

And, for the first time last night, they all slept together.

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  1. I know I shouldn’t be sentimental, but that does deserve a great big aagh. Glad they are setting together. 😊

  2. I’m so glad the girls are starting to mingle now 🙂

    Mr Night Owl was chook sitting for a few days – one Hen, by the name of Esme Cluck – and, between that, and seeing your girls, I’m feeling a bit broody myself – well, for the sound of clucking in the yard, anyway! Lol

  3. I think it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job of caring for your flock – alongside Esmeralda of course……… [Completely incidentally, Esmeralda was my preferred name for many years 🙂 ] I would have a couple of hens if I had the space!

  4. Esme really does have the Weatherwax glare, doesn’t she? Perfect for the Senior Hen. I’m so looking forward to the sound of chooks singing contentedly and announcing the latest eggs. Not long to wait now…

  5. Esmeralda made me laugh…”Hmm, what?”, LOL I met a fantastic fancy feathery Chicken at a pumpkin farm near San Jose last year. My Bestie Alys took me out there and there was a little petting zoo. As a vegetarian, I was happy that she was part of something special and not in the deep freeze 😀 Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Although Ms Pauline and Ms Boomdeedaizee have stolen most of the good words about chooks, I would like to weigh in with the fact that Stevie-boy has taken a shine to a black throwback hen and has called her Esmeralda completely devoid of all knowledge of your beady eyed behemoth of a matriarchal hen. He feeds her cheese cubes and whenever he chops wood she is waiting in the wings to see if any delicious grubs fly out of the results. Funny how you can get so attached to a chook isn’t it? Esmeralda reminds me of Bezial. He watches everything with his beady eyes in order to make sure that he gets his fair share… looks like species have no boundaries eh? 😉


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