The Masterpiece Displayed

So, Saturday was the day when the masterpiece blanket finally got to be a very public manifestation of my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. All those squares from across Britain and all over the world were on show at Gilwell Park in Epping Forest, London as I gave my final presentation before receiving my diploma at the UK Permaculture Convergence. Whilst other people choose to use Powerpoint or Prezi on a computer, or have a slide show, I decided to be low tech, but high impact and take my blanket. The main question was how to display it.

When I discovered that I was to give my talk in a marquee, I knew that my initial idea would work, namely to hang it from a washing line so it was easy for everyone to see. The joy of a marquee is that there are lots of struts to fasten your washing line to, allowing perfect positioning. Two very kind people – Katie and Nigel – actually put the line up for me, helped adjust it, and then ran around finding some yarn so that we could tie the bottom to a couple of chairs to ensure it was all visible and didn’t flap about. The result wasn’t bad considering the Heath-Robinson nature of the endeavour:

The Masterpiece in all its glory (picture: Alan Charlton)

The Masterpiece in all its glory (picture: Alan Charlton)

The feedback I received about my talk was that it went well and that the audience enjoyed it – there were lots of questions and a great deal of interest afterwards. My dear friend Alan Charlton kindly took some lovely photographs and you can see that I got quite animated:

So, all-in-all a real success, culminating in me receiving my diploma certificate from my tutor Looby Macnamara:

Receiving my award

Receiving my award (picture: Katie Shepherd)

Especial thanks to all of you out there who contributed… a role of honour to follow later.

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  1. Beautifully done!!!!

  2. congratulations!!! great idea to keep it low tech and high craft 🙂

    • It seemed to be popular with the audience… and would have worked if there had been a power cut!

      • BeckyHelps

         /  January 28, 2015

        This is what I like about low tech props, no power cut to stop the show.
        In the past I’ve used soft toys to represent people and crumpled bits of paper from the waste bin as “Stuff”, the presentation: Distribution of wealth.

  3. Appropriate solution, very permaculture of you! Minimal use of resources for maximum impact, and I do love the “I am about to tear my hair out” pose….

  4. How wonderful to see you so totally enthusiastic and involved in your presentation – I love the photo of you with your arms aloft and head back – pure magic! I’m betting your audience said more than ‘that went well….’ 🙂 The Masterpiece is indeed a masterpiece! I am sorry that I was not following you sooner and could take part. Congratulations and well done Ms Snail – a mighty, mighty accomplishment.

  5. Congratulations, not that there was ever any doubt it would be well received or that you’d make an excellent presentation. Back home to the chickens now I suspect but I hope you still feel the thrill of the day. You should be very proud of yourself.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  6. Congratulations and very well done to you!

    • Thank you…I was wondering what to do next, but it turns out that lots of people are asking me either to write things for them or make things, so I’m not at a loose end!!

  7. Congratulations and it was displayed so wonderfully. I feel privileged to have had a small part in it. I would like to reblog if that is OK? XX

  8. Ditto with Ms Pauline, I arrived to late on the scene to take part but maybe we can just make another one…this time for your masters? 😉 Seriously though it looks absolutely lovely and you look like you are certainly animated in your enthusiasm with both hands raised aloft like they should be holding Excalibur (or the sword of Damocles 😉 ). Big congratulations on your success at finishing and what are you going to do next?

    • Thank you… I’m running out of qualifications to collect… I have a BSc, MEd and PhD (yes, I’m really Dr Snail) already, as well as O-levels, A-levels, a half-mile swimming certificate and my Gold Upland Navigation award!! The next creation will mark the love and generosity of my friends I think!!

      • 🙂 Let us know when you want some squares and I am sure that friendship blanket will be made in no time 🙂

  9. Many congratulations,

  10. That’s awesome! Congratulations. 😀

  11. As someone said, ‘very permaculture’, I agree!

  12. Oh Congratulations! You did it! And you did it so well! The Master piece is stunning! A real labour of love. I am so pleased for you and proud of you!

  13. Congratulations! It was lovely to meet you and a privilege to see your presentation and gorgeous blanket. I *love* the idea of a ‘cushion of latecomers’!

  14. Congratulations Jan! Looks like you had a great time and the blanket looked wonderful 🙂

  15. This turned out great–just wonderful! I love the photos of you doing the presentation–I’m a former teacher of public speaking and I do love seeing a speaker get excited about her topic!

  16. The Masterpiece looked wonderful, Jan, and thank you for allowing me to have the privilege of adding my own little bit to it 🙂
    Also, a very well done to you, for achieving your latest goal 🙂

  17. Reblogged this on gentlestitches and commented:
    what we can achieve when we work together.

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