Planning a cover-up

As you may know, I am currently working on a very large crochet project, namely a sofa cover. I won’t say that it’s progressing slowly, but it is such a big piece of work that it will inevitably take a long time. Originally I was simply intending to make covers for the five cushions that go along the back, but then I decided that it would be nice if I could actually cover the whole thing. I have, therefore, been considering what I need to do to create something that covers (at least most of) this large piece of furniture.


Dull, no?

I realised that I don’t want to crochet the bit that will not be seen, i.e. the part that goes under the seat cushions. This part, however, is essential as it will anchor the main cover and, if all goes to plan, ensure that crochet hooks, yarn, needles and scissors can no longer fall into the ‘body’ of the sofa, requiring me to furtle around with a torch trying to retrieve them. So, what to use? Well, in keeping with the rest of the cover, I wanted wool, leading me to the conclusion that what I need is a blanket. A blue blanket.

I really want something second hand, and so, not wanting to embark on a tour of all the local charity shops, I decided to try ebay. I’m currently waiting to see if I win an auction for a pale blue, pure wool vintage blanket. A new version made by the same company as the one I’m bidding on would cost me over Ā£80, but I’m hoping to get this one for less than Ā£20 including postage. Once I have it, I’m afraid it’s going to be chopped up, but it will have a new and useful life, so that’s ok.

The other part of the sofa that I wanted to source ethically was the buttons for the cushions. I don’t want plastic ones for this project and I really didn’t feel that wood or leather would be appropriate – both because they wouldn’t look right and because they would be just too tempting for pups to chew. Oh and I didn’t want zips because Sam eats those too (hence the cushion inners you can see showing in the photo above). So, Joanna (who taught the course on paper porcelain) is going to make me 20 buttons… she has samples of the yarn and photos of some of the crochet and I have left the design up to her.

Bavarian cushion nearly finished

Bavarian cushion nearly finished

On the crochet front, I have nearly finished the second side of the Bavarian crochet cushion cover, and the ripple cushion cover just needs constructing (because of the way I’m going to do it, I need the buttons before I can progress) and I have more than half of the squares I need for the ‘granny square’ cushion. I’m not sure what design I will choose for the next cushion cover, but possibly something stripy and then one with circles, like Kerry’s squares.

All this has made me wonder what the finished sofa is going to look like. Since I now have some quite big pieces to play with, I put them together to give me an idea. This is only to provide an impression since the Bavarian crochet is for the back and front of a single cushion rather than two separate ones and the ripple piece is also for a square cushion rather than the seat, but at least it gives some idea of what the finished object might resemble… well, it’s going to be unique if nothing else!

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  1. Oh… That is going to look beautiful! šŸ™‚

  2. What a difference it’s gong to make when you’re done.Such a talking point too.
    xx Massive Hugs xxx

  3. KayT

     /  November 20, 2014

    Oh that is definitely going to look good. Interested to see your use of the word ‘furtle’ too! I didn’t think it was a word in general use! X

    • I think I learned the word ‘furtle’ from my parents, which might mean it originates from the Potteries, where there are all sorts of interesting words. My maternal grandmother, for example, always called make-up ‘parsley’ and would say she was ‘famished’ when she was cold!

      • Famished for cold and furtle to root around, both used up here in Yorkshire. Not heard of make up called parsley tho!

        • Well, I grew up in Leeds! I know of no one else who calls make-up parsley… we think she meant it was her ‘garnish’… and she never went out without at least some lipstick!

  4. It is just like delft china, very pretty

  5. SQEEEEEEEEEEEE!! It is going to be a symphony of delight! This entire project has always boggled my mind – the sheer hours involved – but isn’t it going to be worth it! This is inspirational!!! I want something more than exclamation points to convey my excitement and happiness with this whole project!!

    Are those the dogs toys arrayed on the back of the sofa in the first photo? Where will they live when the new covers are in place? Yours, concerned admirer of new covers. šŸ™‚

    • I have to confess that they are not dog toys, but a selection of cushions and soft toys that we have acquired over the years. Sam is the destroyer of soft toys and knows that those don’t belong to her, whilst Max has never had any interest in any toys, although he does like a nylabone to chew (he’s allergic to real bones – honestly).
      I’ve won the auction on ebay, so once the blanket arrives I’ll start experimenting with ways I can use it… I think I know what I’m going to do, but I might change my mind.

      • I apologise for maligning your cushions! Congrats on the auction win. It is the mark of a true artist to be open to letting the flow dictate šŸ™‚

        Now what really got my attention in your response was Max’s allergy. Every time Siddy is given a bone he throws up – usually in the middle of the night. I sent out the dictate last week – NO MORE BONES FOR SIDDY. So what’s a nylabone?

        • Don’t worry about the cushions… they aren’t really used and just hang around gathering dust!
          Ah yes, the bones. When we got Max he regularly suffered from bouts of colitis so bad that he would alternate lying on his bed crying with throwing up and having diarrhoea… poor lamb. Our vet was very helpful with sorting this out and, in the end, Max just needed a change of diet. We discovered that he cannot have any artificial colours in his food and that he responds badly to mushrooms (found out by accident), very fatty food and bones. Give him a bone and he is in agony! However, being part-terrier, he does like to chew, so we found the nylabone – a nylon bone-shaped chew toy that lasts for ages, cleans his teeth and does not upset his digestion:

          • Mmm, I wonder if Siddy’s problem has been colitis. I spent months sorting out his diet and getting the right number of meals in. He didn’t cry, but I could see he was in discomfort and would throw up most days [nights really] Diarrhoea was an intermittent problem also. I have him on a raw meat blend of beef and chicken, high grade puppy chow with no additives, mashed potatoes and carrots with milk kefer and three or four small meals a day. This works well for him and now it is only when well meaning visitors arrive with bones for him that there is an issue. Too much fat. Thanks for the link to nylabone – I have never seen it here but I shall go hunting and see what I can find. Siddy loves to chew too šŸ™‚

  6. Looks great! ā¤

  7. It reminds me of millefiori glass!

  8. Pretty amazing! Every time you sink into that sofa, you’re going to appreciate it and be glad you made the effort. Don’t you worry about pet claws snagging the yarn, though?

  9. From boring to WOW in one (well, several) fell swoop(s) Mrs Snail. You are an inspiration :). Earl ate all of the buttons off our doona covers so they fall out in the middle of the night when you least expect to be cold and are unable to stuff them (muttering) back in. Might be time to find a needle and thread and get Stevie-boy to make me some wooden buttons (Earls favourite…sigh…). Your sofa is going to be unique, beautiful and completely “You” when you finish. That’s the beauty of doing it yourself, you get that satisfaction in the crafting process as well as the huge satisfaction of finishing and having something beautiful to remind you of all of that effort SO much satisfaction šŸ™‚

  10. It all looks wonderful, Jan – I can’t wait to see the finished project! šŸ™‚


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