Wellies, yarn and shampoo…

Looby’s blog

I’m rather spoiled for choice about what to post today, but since it has just appeared, I’m going to direct you to a guest post that I wrote a few weeks ago for another blog. It’s entitled Wellies, yarn and shampoo – my diploma journey with Looby and it’s about my experiences of studying for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Although much of what I have written about here as The Snail of Happiness has been inspired by my diploma, I haven’t gone into details of the process and so if you are interested, follow the link and you’ll get a taste of what I’ve been up to over the past two and a half years.

Looby was my tutor and when I finished my diploma we agreed that we would each write a guest post for the other’s blog. You’ll have to wait until the new year to hear from Looby here, but if you are interested in permaculture, you should enjoy browsing her blog.

Receiving my award

Receiving my diploma from Looby in September

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  1. Off to peruse Mrs Snail and congratulations again šŸ™‚

  2. ‘m following narf and will leave a note somewhere šŸ™‚

  3. It was a fascinating read, and many congratulations on your diploma. Know what bugs me, green beans from Egypt and Kenya and all those imported flowers, and what’s with those scary looking blue flowers. Love to know your take on this.

  4. Ha! I love that you have more letters after your name than in it – and yet still a real person of the real world!! I love how we start off on a journey intending to go THAT way and instead find we went THIS way and it is so much deeper and richer than we could ever have imagined. I also love what you say about respecting our planet and other people. Too often ‘doing the right thing’ comes with a superior air and a lack of understanding of individuals journeys – we all travel at our own pace and get as far as we can in our own time. I didn’t know I was a permaculturist, but apparently I am – thanks for the insight šŸ™‚

    I’m glad you are here! xoxo

    • I think that there are lots of people out there who follow a permaculture path without knowing it. For me it has been great to give myself time to explore some of the ideas and become a bit more thoughtful about life in general.
      I have decided to stop collecting post-nominals for the time being… otherwise there won’t be enough to go round!!

  5. Fun to hear about how it all started, what motivated you then and now, and how you apply the learnings in a practical way in everyday life. I love that this is the beginning of what in my mind I’ve begun to call, not the Masterpiece, but the Blankie of all Nations!

  6. I enjoyed reading your post very much. I am glad I stumbled apon your blog. I love that it is the snail of happiness with small steps toward sustainability. Being dogged is what wins in the end. Care, love and doggedness. ā¤

    • Thank you. And through my small steps I seem to have found a lovely international community, giving me a connection to friend across the world who all seem to be committed to caring and love


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