I’m pleased too

Last week Kerry over at Love those “Hands a Home” wrote a post entitled It pleases me that really resonated with me. In particular, she wrote:

Along the way, there have been many other creative outlets that moved me not at all. I’ve tried some and moved on. Others . . . just never spoke to me.

The red one was finally completed on Sunday, the green one has been done for a while

The red one was finally completed on Sunday, the green one has been done for a while

It has been as I have forcing myself to complete some projects over the last few days that I have come to accept that at least one creative activity that I used to love has, in fact, stopped ‘speaking to me’. And that is machine sewing – in particular making clothes. I realise that my sewing machine has been occupying space on my work table for months without being used. It was so unused that I had to unearth it from beneath a pile of letters before I could use it the other day. Not only that, but looking back through this blog, I see that it’s a year since I embarked on making the items I have just finished – pyjamas and a nightdress (to be fair on myself, the first nightdress was finished very speedily when I was feeling enthusiastic).

No more of this

No more of this…

But now it is time to put aside my sewing machine and concentrate on all the creative things that I really do enjoy. Life is too short to spend it on chores… especially when they are self-imposed. So, no more sewing unless I have to… instead, on with the sofa cover, skeleton hat, armadillo, hoodie… and all those other knitted and crochet creations that I am really enjoying working on. Plus I want to do some more felting, and tapestry and finish writing up some patterns and… and… and…


… but lots more of this: my latest sofa cushion in progress


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  1. Oh, welcome to the slippery downhill slope that is Multiple Handcraft Syndrome… But seriously, it’s good to realise so clearly what does it for you, and what leaves you cold. Fortunately the Nightwear Police were elsewhere this past year, so your lapse could go unpunished! Shame, really, I was looking forward to photos of you in the nightie, complete with egg collecting pocket…

  2. Congratulations, Jan, on being so honest with yourself! And moving on! I am currently in the throes of trying to decide what to do about thousands of dollars worth of jewelry-making equipment. It spoke to me very loudly at one time and is now completely covered in dust . . .

    • Funny how our interests change so much. I have come to the conclusion that I must not just accept that I have moved on, but also pass on/sell equipment and materials to those who will use them. I’ll keep my sewing machine, because I will use it when I need to, but I am determined that my fabric stash will go… after all it’s been sitting around untouched for years, so I clearly don’t really want it!

  3. My burning question is:Did you ever crochet the lesser of two weevils?

  4. Same here. I haven’t sewn clothes in years. I was an avid cross-stitcher for years upon years, until I stopped mid-pattern. The same for quilting. Currently crochet is the only thing holding my interest, so ,I’m going to run with it.

    • Really, if the crochet is what’s working for you, then stick to that. I really want to like sewing clothes as it’s so useful, but I’m no longer prepared to slog through the process when there are so many other interesting things I could be creating!

  5. Strange how consuming something is and then well just isn’t, maybe the sewing bug will come back all by itself in the future. In the meantime enjoy what you are doing.!

  6. Dear Kerry! She often writes a post that makes you think! I was the same as you with that one – and as I am in the middle of a clear-up, clean-up and vamp-up my art room it was particularly timely! I am a multi-crafter! And now there are some aspects that I have moved on from. In all fairness they were a very important step in my creative journey and I have learnt never to say never, but…… BUT! What does one get rid of and what does one keep? Re the sewing machine – that is a keeper! I have never used it for creative pleasure however – it is a work horse. I used to make all our clothes way back when Adam was a lad. I never bought any outer wear for myself or my children until they were teenagers. Now I will not make clothes! I sew curtains and cushion covers and other home embellishments and sometimes even a piece of a painting – but that more likely by hand than machine………….. I think it is a good thing to begin to rein ourselves in slightly. The desire to try this and try that do the other can get a tad out of hand [in my case it has!]

    When I returned to mixed media painting last year I felt an immense sense of ‘coming home’. Every painting I produced has shown improvement and that pleases me. It is such a huge craft and there is so much to learn that it will be a long time before I get to the ‘been there, done that’ phase and want to move on to something newer and more exciting 🙂

    I am so happy every time I see another example of the Bavarian stitch making it’s way round our blogging community. I’m in the middle of my second big blanket!

  7. SO with you on this one. Life is too short for all sorts of things but most of them can’t be negated. Why clutter up your special “me” time, where you feed your mind and your soul with creative endeavor with things that belong in the “Must do” pile?! I don’t even own a sewing machine to be honest and even if I did, the horrendous items that I would be “capable” (surely that is an oxymoron when used in the context that I am trying to splain here! 😉 ) of creating would result in me being sanctioned immediately I set foot out of the door. Nope, you have to know your limitations as well as where your passions lay. If you need to sew in order to survive, SEW. If you don’t…don’t. Simples really 😉

  8. True! Also I am like you. I want to do this and this and this! 😀

  9. I think people need different outlets for their creativity at different times. It’s one of the things in life where we can follow the inspiration–and that cushion cover is an inspiration!


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