The winter blues

It's not just me that's blue!

It’s not just me that’s blue!

I always feel rather glum at this time of year as the days get shorter and shorter and my general ‘bah-humbug’ attitude towards the festival of greed commonly referred to as Christmas grows. This year feels particularly miserable with Mr Snail being away during the week… in  fact he’s just driven off down the road and left me here at home until Friday. So, I’m trying to fill my evenings with creativity.

Gloom, however, is not conducive to starting new projects, so it’s lovely to have the sofa covers to work on, because the colours are already chosen (the sort of winter blues I can welcome) and I already know which designs I’m going to use. The latest cushion is 50% done and makes use of a shell pattern that’s like a half  Bavarian crochet; I’ve just started on the second side of it and am enjoying the look very much (it’s from the book I wrote about in this post). I can’t wait until the handmade buttons are ready so I can complete at least a few of the pieces.

The other project that is keeping me busy is a final blanket for the charity raffle we are running to keep our lovely nature reserve at Denmark Farm properly managed and maintained. Many thanks to those of you who have already bought or offered to buy raffle tickets… you never know, if you win the first prize of a stay in the sustainable lodge on the site, we may get to meet up! And if not, when it’s finished, you might be snuggling up under this (Nia and Ann, you might see something familiar here):

The third creative project to make me smile is also one for charity, but you’ll have to wait a while before I can reveal it… ooh – suspense!

One other thing that helps to brighten my days is knowing that all of you bloggers on the other side of the world are enjoying your growing season… so do keep posting pictures of your gardens and I will be able to dream of what’s round the corner. Which reminds me… time to order some seeds – one of my favorite winter jobs. Perhaps I’m not quite as blue as I thought!

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  1. Winter Solstice is right around the corner and then the days will start getting longer again. Hang in there! Lovely squares by the way.

  2. It is such a colourful collection of warmness you cannot possibly remain blue for too long! I saw your dishcloth on Kerry’s post and would like to know what kind of yarn you use please. 🙂

    • The purple yarn is ‘Puppets Lyric’, the natural colour is Wendy Craft Cotton and the sun is made from Stylecraft Cotton. None of it is mercerised as that doesn’t work for dishcloths. Suddenly dishcloth cotton is popular here in the UK!

  3. Right, I’d better get out there and take photos of my beans! Frankly, we could do with some gloom around here, the boiling hot sunshine is a bit enervating. Please send rain…

    • Interestingly we haven’t had huge amounts of rain… just lots of grey!

      • While I think of it, take a look at the Diggers Club online catalogue to see if there are any seeds you want to try. My membership expires at Christmas, and I’m going to let it lapse because I don’t think they have enough stuff that will grow in the tropics; I’ve barely ordered from them this year. Take a look at this one too, they have slightly more unusual stuff:

  4. Ann Owen

     /  December 7, 2014

    I’d never dreamed of teaming up those oranges and reds with blues, looks great! But then a little bit of the blues always makes other colours stand out, there’s been some spectacular sunsets lately, best viewed in canine company on a beach. XX

  5. I am glad I don’t have a TV at this time of year because I would imagine the Christmas advertisements would be depressing.. I am also glad my son has never wanted a tv. I mean he is 14 and could have one if he wanted but he doesnt want one. I think of Christmas as celebrating the birth of a wonderful man who talked of love and sharing. My Christmas will be simple but with love and sharing. If nothing else it is time off work and everyone needs a rest. I also avoid “difficult” people and see them before or after Christmas so my Christmas isn’t spoilt by their toxicity. ❤

  6. I think you’ve found the perfect way to put the blues in their place! Being creative solves a lot for me, too–when your brain is caught up with the details of making, it’s hard to think sad thoughts. And having some comfortable projects, where the work pleases you, always helps!

  7. I don’t know how you can be blue with all the colour in your life. It all looks wonderful. Only 2 more Sundays and Jon will be off for a few days and make the celebrations nicer for you. Start chilling the wine now.
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

  8. It’s not long now to the shortest day on the 21st December…then every day will get a little bit lighter. Good idea to focus on the thought of seeds. I am going to plant fabulous tulip bulbs this week. I really think some wonderful things are just around the corner. Hang on in there…..x

  9. Our summer heralded a rain cloud that hasn’t gone away yet so it is 9 days into summer and you would think that we were living in the north! The garden seems to be ignoring this crazy weather nicely but it has us all twitching as not only is it Christmas soon but we can’t mow our lawns, whipper snip the exponentially growing fire risk at the back of the block or do much else out there in the garden that really needs our attention. Hopefully it will slow down a bit in the next week and we can get out and do what needs to be done. Your sofa is going to be a masterpiece. You have inspired me to take the 2 “free” old wooden chairs that I found on the side of the road and yarnbomb them magnificently. I doubt I will be able to show them to “polite company” as they will end up being mentally narfish but at least I will have fun creating them :). Hugs from not-so-sunny Sidmouth and I will keep posting the green shots if it means you can go a bit green around the gills rather than that alarming blue…

    • Well, I want to see your yarnbombed chairs… I’m sure they will be fabulous. Must set my mind to some bunting for you soon… I have some ideas but can’t decide what to do exactly…

  10. I get the blues from the holiday season. We have high expectations that are usually unattainable I have to turn on lots of lights and have happy music on. It’s the days getting shorter and darker. Your work is beautiful. I’m having a hard time getting started on something too. Maybe by next week. Hang in there. Your stuff is too pretty to be blue for long.


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