More Aussie generosity

And so this morning ANOTHER parcel arrived from the other side of the world… from a place where it’s currently summer, I received snowflakes:

Aussie snowflakes in my editing corner

Aussie snowflakes in my editing corner

The lovely Dani (Bavarian crochet guru from Teddy and Tottie) sent me this snowflake bunting. A little while ago she decided to pick two lucky winners out of all the people who had commented on a post she wrote about her work room and send them some snowflake bunting (she didn’t mention this in advance, so it was a complete surprise). And I won!

Actually, everybody won! She just couldn’t bring herself to choose just one of us and so she decided to make some bunting for all the people who had left a comment… all fourteen of us! How amazing is that.

So, thank you very, very much Dani… I love it!

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  1. Isn’t that just so pretty! I love all this crochet bunting and am busy making some for my revamped art room as we speak. The generosity of our friends is so amazing – I am so happy to be in this community!

  2. I have mine tucked away in the spare room (Earl proof) as we are hurrying to get the last of the homemade decorations ready for our new homemade tree. Stevie-boy went to a friends yesterday to help with some kind of building work that was obviously more to do with quaffing beer than actual work as he arrived back home decidedly merry. After a few glasses of red wine he decided that it was time to spray paint the recycled Christmas decorations! A squiffy Stevie-boy and a stone cold sober narf do NOT make a project happen harmoniously. Needless to say he insisted on doing the spraying and I ended up smelling of turps! Not sure what we are going to end up with as in his merry state he decided that green and red are a great colour combination when sprayed over the top of each other. I called it “murky cowpat green” but he thought it looked amazing yesterday. Lets see what the cold hard early morning honesty brings us eh? ;). Wish us luck, we are going in to decorate it today. More angst, trying to thread up ribbon into homemade cinnamon salt dough decorations (my compromise for my desire to have hand stuck clove oranges) and then we have the paper, rock, scissors of who gets to put the lights on… sigh… I can feel a glass (bottle) of wine coming on and it is only 6.57am!

  3. Pretty, and about as close to snow as you’ll get in Australia just now!

  4. true! HaHa! I only ever saw Snow once I think after a long drive! I have my bunting on my front door under some wicker bells. They look great!

  5. Some people’s kindness knows no bounds.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  6. How lovely! I am so glad that you are on the receiving end of some one else’s generosity, you so deserve it. The connections we make with each other are so special and enrich all our lives.

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