Playing hooky

Today I’m supposed to be editing a paper on forest economics, but it’s not very exciting and so I keep picking up my crochet hook instead. The particular piece of editing does not need to be sent back until next week, so the temptation to do something else (and more creative, although less lucrative) is really strong, especially since the dragon neck warmer commission is starting to take shape and I’m rather enjoying the scale pattern that makes up the bulk of it:

Dragon scales

Dragon scales

The client selected yellow eyes, so those are inserted and there’s nothing fiddly in the pattern for about another 60 rows. My last post yielded some useful comments about having a few ‘attention grabbers’ on my future craft stall, and I may make another of these dragons for that purpose as I think it’s going to be quite striking. Anyway, here is progress so far (eventually there will be horns and spines too on the head):

Dragon progress

Dragon progress

But that’s not the only thing I have been up to in the past few days. I decided as  a bit of light relief to continue making dish/wash cloths (without patterns) and I’ve added two more to the stock, that’s three since Saturday. These are fairly quick to make and are using up cotton yarn that I have quite a bit of, so they feel like a winner in terms of de-stashing.

This week's cloths - too nice to use?

This week’s cloths – too nice to use?

And finally, I want to share a piece of work that I made weeks ago, but has only just reached its new owner. As one of my random crafts of kindness, I responded to Pauline The Contented Crafter’s appeal for lovely things to go to Marlene, who is ‘In Search of It All‘. This is what Pauline wrote:

Marlene has recently moved into her new forever home and has been hard at work turning what might have been described as a pigs ear into a silk purse.  Marlene has a china cabinet and loves keepsakes.  I am going to [possibly make and] send Marlene a small New Zealand icon.  Would you care to [possibly make and] send her something that will represent you to her so that every time her eyes fall upon your gift, she thinks of you. Wouldn’t that be the grandest thing!

So, what better to represent me than some crochet? But I also really wanted to send her a piece of my paper porcelain plus I  wanted to acknowledge the lovely links we all share through blogging. So here is what I came up with:

It’s just decorative, although you could use it as a pin cushion (voodoo roses, anyone?). The base is made from some British wool from Blacker Yarns and the crochet roses are made from some of the yarn oddments sent to me by Jenny at Simply Hooked along with the squares she donated to make another charity blanket. I’m rather pleased with the result.

Well, that’s probably enough hooky for one day, I’d better get back to work…

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  1. So now I know the history of how it came about. I shall print it out and keep it with my “pin cushion” in my sewing room where I will be spending most of my time. I like the idea of a voodoo rose.:) Take that, you darn quilt, for giving me such a hard time.:))) Its just lovely and I’ll be off to show it around at my sewing and quilt groups.

    You have to love Pauline’s great heart for working overtime to connect us all in ways that no one ever expected. I love the idea of sharing bits of ourselves. I’m so far behind though I may never catch up.

    Thank you so much for you kindness and your gift. I wish you great success on your sale.

  2. Doesn’t take much to get you hooked in does it?

  3. You make SO many things! I don’t seem to have the time to even get the basket out before something else demands my time. I guess that’s summer for you and the garden is in full swing. Lovely work Ms Snail and have a go at those scrunchies and hair ties. You could have a basket of them made up in no time 🙂

    • The depths of winter tend not to encourage me out in the garden… it will be different in the summer. I am pleased to report, however, that I do have my propagator up and running, with fingers crossed for germinating seeds soon!

  4. What a lovely present and such a thoughtful idea to send a piece of yourself in crochet form.

  5. Yay Dr Snail! It finally arrived. Love the fact that it will be a pin cushion in Marlene’s sewing room 🙂 Perfection!! I love those knitted roses – they are eye grabbing accessories!!

  6. A dragon neck warmer would certainly attract some attention. How about a nice fox, a sort of ecologically friendly fur stole, with a pointy nose, rusty red fur and black paws…? The nice thing about everything you’re making just now is that if some of it doesn’t sell, you’ve got stock to cover lots of birthdays and housewarming gifts!

    • Jude in our local wool shop – Red Apple Yarns – has made a fox neck warmer as an experiment, but we both agreed that we find it a little bit creepy! I like the mystical dragon better, although it’s not what I would choose for myself.
      You are so right abut the gifts – many friends have received a scarf or bath puff as a gift over the past couple of years!

  7. When I finished reading your very enjoyable post I realized I too was playing hooky LOL.

  8. Oh, my–I feel like I spent my entire academic career wishing I could make something pretty instead of working on a paper! Good for you for taking time out for whimsy and random acts of crafting!

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