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Share the love!

Share the love!

Mr Snail and I don’t ‘do’ Valentine’s Day… as he said to me the other day ‘but I love you all year, I don’t need a special day to tell you’. Very sweet and very true – I don’t want hearts and flowers on 14 February, I want a partner who cares for me all the time.

So, we won’t be exchanging gifts specially for Valentines day – although Mr Snail sometimes brings me a little gift when he arrives back from his week working. Similarly, I am in the process of making him a gift, but I would be making it for him whatever the date. Just like resolutions, I don’t feel that showing love should be confined to a particular time of the year; and I don’t think that love should be measured on the gift scale.

So, let’s show our loved ones that we care for them every day of the year; AND let’s expand that to people we don’t know AND to the planet. If you want to do something special for Valentine’s day – do it for someone you wouldn’t normally think of. I like this idea:

… but let’s make every day ‘Generosity Day’!

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  1. Lovely idea. We hate the commercialism that’s overtaken Valentine’s Day and we don’t observe it as a retail-therapy fest. But that game of Bingo is worth playing.

  2. I liked the way you do valentines day. Like you, I try to find ways to spread the love everyday. A smile here, a quiet thoughtful gesture there. Bingo looks like a good way to keep it going. 🙂

    • I was going to write a post about Valentine’s day and exploitation (chocolate, flowers, jewellery etc), but it just got too depressing… let’s all do something positive instead!

  3. I am decidedly ‘Bah, Humbug!’ about Valentines Day – it was originally a day for lovers – and then commerce got hold of it. Now it seems in some cultures you have to buy something for everyone you know to impress them with the fact you maybe quite like them and the more expensive the gift the bigger your ‘like’ quotient. It’s another win-win for the manufacturers and retailers!

    I’m impressed by people who show respect and ‘like’ for other people whether they know them or not. A smiling face goes a long way to lift ailing spirits. It doesn’t cost anything and spreads an awful lot of joy and can be given freely every day at no cost to the giver. That’s a win-win for humanity and the planet!

  4. I completely agree with you and I am lucky to have a very sweet husband that brings me little gifts all the time. However, although I am quite anti commericalism, he like Valentines Day – I think from talking to him that his previous marriage (disastrous) has made him feel that he wants to observe all the proper observances and do everything right. For example I wasn’t fussed about how we got married, just that we did, but he was very keen to have all the trimmings, things that he hadn’t had before. So every year I get the cheesiest card and often a cuddly toy (!) and I love it because it means a lot to him that I appreciate it. I hope I don’t sound muddled! And because I just can’t do schmaltz I give him a hand crafted card and some heart shaped chocolates (or whatever M&S is peddling that year) in a glass bowl and I know that he is very happy I’ve bothered. It’s funny how you do sometimes change your attitude to things because of someone you love?!

  5. We don’t buy, we write each other a loveletter, but I suppose a text or email would do…! I like having something I can keep and revisit that hasn’t cost anything except care.

  6. A wonderful idea and it look like there are plenty that agree with you.Let’s forge ahead and for a change not let the negative side win. Let’s change the world.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. Ann Owen

     /  February 13, 2015

    I think we all love Mr Snail by now, viewed through your blog! X

  8. Mr Snail is just lovely! I enjoyed reading your post. Huggs. ❤

  9. Just donated our old laptop to a local school to be a ‘loaner’ for under-privileged kids and just made 2 cakes. One for our hard working lecturers and the other one for a girl in a class just over the way from us who mentioned that it was her birthday and who lives away from home. Sometimes you just have to wing it when you are trying to share the love around. Hope she likes chocolate ;). Stevie-boy and I are both with you on the Valentine’s Day rip off. It’s just a way to commercialise something that should come naturally every…single … day! For a man that doesn’t give gifts, that is one HUGE red heart Ms Snail 🙂


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