Daffodil and Snail
banana cake and coffee
laughter in sunshine

My first ever Haiku – to celebrate spending time with the wonderful Wild Daffodil. Many thanks to our mutual friend, Linda (who doesn’t blog, but wants to… one day) for providing the opportunity for us finally to meet in person. And for making the cake and coffee! And lending us each a hat.

Daffodil and Snail... in the pink!

Daffodil and Snail… in the pink!

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  1. pink ladies ! 🙂

  2. Despite the distance
    Of ether and internet
    Friendship flourishes

    So lovely to be
    There when your physical forms
    Met and embraced

  3. friendships forged at distance prove satisfying when bathed in coffee!

  4. Drat! It took out the line breaks!

  5. By heck, the pair of you look sunny.
    xxx Hug Hugs xxx

  6. How lovely to see you both in the sunshine!

    • It really was a glorious day and a most lovely meeting, which at first seemed strangely surreal after ‘meeting’ only in blogland.

  7. Now that’s a happy photo. I shall be smiling as I go cut my grass. How lovely you get to meet and have cake. 🙂

  8. Isn’t it the best thing to do! The serendipitous advent of pink snail and daffodil plus sunshine and cake = Fabulous Meet Up.

  9. Online bloggers meet
    It takes a minute or two
    Then it’s real again

  10. You both certainly added color and stylishness to the event. Love the hats!

  11. Excellent and enjoyable! 😀

  12. Oh! it was really special to meet you Mrs Snail, in the pink! Thank you for taking the time to pop over. I’ve so enjoyed all the comments and poems above, ❤ I'm going to write them all out to commemorate the event! And then there is the pink daffodil, the pink snail, that cake and the sunshine to think about …. hmmmm …..
    AND a sunny Haiku too * Fab – u – lush!! *

  13. Terrific to see you together!


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