Spring flowers

My front garden is lovely in the spring. The remnant of an old wildflower meadow, it still contains beautiful flowers. We only cut it a couple of times a year to maintain the native species. This year, I’ve added three soft fruit bushes to make it a little more productive. Plus, when I was feeling blue, my friend Ann gave me some of the Viola known as heart’s-ease and I’m planting those too.

And, inspired by Wild Daffodil, a spring flower haiku

Vibrant celandines
contrast with purple heart’s-ease
making spirits rise

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  1. Tell them to hide Jan I just read the long range forecast is snow.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. Heartsease is one of my very favourite wildflowers… Closely followed by ramping fumitory, because I’ve never been able to resist the name! It sounds like a science experiment. What’s your favourite plant name?


  3. I really love the violas you’ve been given, and it reminded me that we haven’t got this lovely plant around here – it’s soooo pretty, isn’t it?
    We’ve been enjoying all our spring flowers, too, especially those growing in our field behind the house – although the huge ditch that’s been dug half-way through the field is going to spoil the wonderful flower and insect relationship we’ve been building up there.
    We’ve just finished planting tons of summer bulbs, though, so we’ve got all that lovely goodness to look forward to soon 🙂

    I’m hoping that, being so close to the sea as we both are, the cold snap that’s due soon won’t hit us as much as the more inland places get it 🙂


  4. Anne Phillips

     /  April 20, 2015

    It’s been such a mild winter here that my pot grown, out door fig tree has it’s first fig on it which I really excited about. The front, minute, garden has a good show of wild violets, primroses and the lily of the valley are just popping up. Love this time of year 🙂


  5. happiness! 😀


  6. I adore heartsease and have almost always grown it. The flowers are so pretty in salads or as cake decorations too!

    I have no plants at all at the moment, bar a tiny tilandsia I picked up at the market last weekend: I finally got settled into a good place here in Melbourne just in time for the cold weather and our little paved yard gets no winter sun. Here’s hoping next year I’m somewhere with sunshine and soil for a while!


  7. Seeing your photos, even this late does my heart-ease. 🙂



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