After three full-on days teaching a diploma course, I am left feeling wiped out. Don’t get me wrong, the learners were great, the field trip turned out really well and the whole experience was both positive and stimulating, but it has left  me feeling drained and unable to do very much.

Some days should be about relaxing... Max and Mr Snail demonstrate one approach

Some days should be about relaxing… Max and Mr Snail demonstrate one approach

However, trying to lead a more sustainable life means finding the balance and knowing when it’s necessary to relax and regain your energy. As a result, today I have been gentle on myself – a stroll with the dogs and Mr Snail this morning after a trip to the post office, charity shop (two more bags of “stuff” gone) and newspaper shop. Then coffee and the newspaper (I don’t read the news bit) before some blog reading and posting a few pictures on Ravelry of my latest projects.

It’s a chilly day today, so Mr Snail suggested making lasagne – with the dual purpose of providing a delicious hot meal and warming the house whilst the oven is on. I always like to maximise oven use, so I have also made charcoal biscuits for the dogs and those are cooking along with dinner. In addition, I’ve made a start on a new scarf – this one a Welsh dragon, so the main colour is red.

Even on days when I don’t do much I always try to be creative… how about you?

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  1. Got this link to your blog from Twitter! Good going. I have to admit my creativity on down days almost always involves cooking. I’m hoping to get to some strawberry-rhubarb-vanilla jam today. And we’ve got a spring relapse here as well, so the warmth will be nice. Can’t wait to see the scarf!

  2. jennyhud

     /  April 25, 2015

    My down days usually include being tired from working in the garden all day. I like to knit but I usually end up reading a good book while sitting outside. Would love the recipe for the dog biscuits!

  3. Sounds like a lovely kind of day – I do hope you feel re-enlivened by it! I did a face painting yesterday, completely free-form and with no thought aforehand and I’m quite pleased with it. 🙂 The first one for about two months and a step back into normality for me! I see Mr Snail’s legs there beside and beneath Max – but Mr Snail’s shirt collar looks empty – what have you done with Mr Snail’s head? 🙂

  4. Little bit of basic crochet gets me through my down days.

  5. Max is so cute! Hope you feel rejuvenated after a quiet day.

  6. Even your gentle days are full of quiet achievement. I must admit to needing one of those today after shovelling the trailer full of compost into my raised beds and chopping back the last of the jungle and hosting the Chiconi tribe Saturday night family dinner yesterday. If my hands are up to it after whatever’s tired me out, I’ll usually do a bit of stitchery of some sort…

  7. I find your being drained and unable to do much is wearing me out.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  8. If I don’t make, create or do something worthwhile everyday, I feel that I am not reaching my potential. Every day, to me is an opportunity and I am very bad at doing nothing. Sometimes though, I get tired and have to collapse.
    I know how much of yourself you would have invested in making those 3 days inspirational for your students. If I had done that I would know it was necessary to rest.
    I am just off to clean and prepare my Leek harvest for cooking and I will make soup and caramelised leeks for a base for little pastry tarts with anchovies and olives. And when I eat any of that, it will be a real heart and soul meal. And that’s why its worth the effort isnt it?
    But actually, it’s more than that isn’t it? It’s just about being creative. I often think that if I did not make, I would be quite mad! Well, madder than I am anyway, 🙂

  9. How smart you are, to know when you need to step back and tend to yourself. One thing I like to do, when I want to feel sort of productive but not work too hard, is iron some of the vintage linens I have lying around. Mindless, soothing, lots of time to let my thoughts roam. And warm on a chilly day!

  10. Even your ‘gentle’ day is super productive, sounds like a wonderful day x

  11. I agree! I need to make more time. ❤

  12. Good for you for taking the time to relax and breath. I like to relax with a cup of hot tea surrounded by cats and a good book. I also like crafting and reading blogs or puttering around the house. I’m not very good at sitting still for long. I actually find it more relaxing to move around. Funny that. Feel better soon.

  13. Good that you recognize the need to take down time. I’m usually catching up on the blogs I follow when I can’t do anything else. Everyone has a little something to offer that keeps me going. I’m looking forward to seeing your new work in progress. Your puppy is adorable. He looks at home where he sits.


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