Bees, boobs and breakfast

One aspect of trying lead a kinder life is making the best of your lot – valuing what’s around you rather than complaining about it. “Grow where you are planted“, as The Contented Crafter would say. And so, this weekend, rather than rushing about seeking entertainment or distraction, we have been making the most of what’s around us.

Yesterday morning I needed to make a trip to the local Post Office to send off the three knitted knockers that I had made over the previous five days. Mr Snail suggested that we combine this with breakfast at a little cafe that has recently opened in Aberaeron – decked out like a 1950s American diner and serving waffles and pancakes. How could I resist the opportunity to support a new local business? Not being organised, I didn’t take my camera with me, so I can’t make you drool by showing you pictures of my pancakes, maple syrup and whipped cream or Mr Snail’s toffee apple waffle with toffee ice cream (yes, for breakfast!) so you’ll just have to take my word for it that the food was beautifully presented as well as being delicious. Yes, I know I can make pancakes and waffles myself, but it’s nice for someone else to do it for me once in a while.

Bee and kale flowers

We returned home to some chores and more knitting of knockers (currently five more on my list). Mr Snail went out into the garden to sort out a slight sagging of his gate made of a pallet, but got rather distracted by the bees that were out in abundance; so much so, that they ended up in a blog post: The Bum of the Flightle Bee. Interestingly we seem to be seeing very few honeybees but many other species. What’s particularly nice is that if it wasn’t for the building work, the yellow brassica flowers that the bees are enjoying so much would not be there. Knowing that builders would be likely to cause damage to crops, most of the vegetable  beds have been left unplanted this spring. However, since I didn’t want bare soil I just left the old crops in place, resulting in a profusion of kale and broccoli flowers for pollinating insects to enjoy. Once they have finished flowering, they’ll be cut down and the green leaves fed to the chickens. I could complain about the lack of beans and peas in the garden but, instead I will celebrate food for bees and hens.

It may be a simple system, but it's working for me

It may be a simple system, but it’s working for me

The orders keep appearing for knitted knockers and I’m enjoying being able to contribute. I’ve had to set up a system to keep track of the ones I’ve agreed to make (sizes, colours, cards to enclose etc) as I’d hate to send a black 34B to a lady who requested a pink 40D! There is still a nearly-finished Welsh dragon peeking at me out of my big work basket, but he’s going to have to wait until there are no more ladies in the UK and Ireland in need of a soft, gentle prosthesis to replace those uncomfortable, heavy silicone jobbies that the NHS provide at great expense. I am loving using my skills to spread hope and kindness… it feels like a real privilege to be able to help in this way.

So, those are some of the small things that we have enjoyed this weekend – what about you?

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  1. I do love the sound of that breakfast, and like Mr Snail, can’t see anything wrong with toffee icecream for breakie! I’ve enjoyed finishing another quarter on my embroidery project, finding out I don’t have to attend for jury service on Monday and preparing for the launch of our F2F block swap party.

  2. Thank you for the pingback Snail – you are most generous 🙂 I was happily reading several posts this past weekend from people who have decided kindness and generosity of spirit is the way to go. This makes me very happy – and quite sure there is more of us than the media would have us believe. For me this weekend contained the exciting thought that I can actually do something about my less than delectable bedroom wallpaper and I am readying myself to move from the 1970’s into a modern and gorgeous boudoir of white and cyan blue………… It may take a few months to get there, but the anticipation is fun too – right?

  3. Oh, I would so love to see pictures of the 50s-style American diner! I’m so curious about another country’s interpretation of that. 😀 I think it’s awesome that you’re working so hard to knit those boobs! I’ve started working on knest this very day. 🙂

  4. Your weekend sounds wonderful, and combining a necessary errand with the pleasure of a new restaurant is just perfect.

  5. I have big fat bees in my rhododendrons and peonies along with all the weeds. Soon I will be planting more food for them. You have such a sweet heart that it needed an extra sweet breakfast served to you with excellent company. What a wonderful morning it must have been.

  6. Oh my, how good it is to read of your new mission. I have contacted Knitted Knockers, but have not heard back yet – they must be so busy! I’m eager to join in and looking forward to getting the patterns and instructions.
    I had a rare quiet weekend with a little bit of decorating the hallway, and a dabble or two in the garden, but mainly crocheting, working out new designs. I even lit the fire yesterday morning and cosied up whilst it rained outside. Blissful!

    • Do be patient… about 1000 emails came in straight after the feature on the BBC and I know the admins are working their way through them as quickly as possible. We have just welcomed our 100th approved knocker maker. There’s a quality assurance process to go through before you can take on orders so new volunteers can take a while to convert into Knockerettes! I’m currently working on my 7th knocker in just over a week as requests are being posted onto our orders board on a daily basis.

  7. what a lovely post. Breakfast sounds great! We had a happy peaceful weekend just enjoying our home and garden and also shared a meal with my friend who is an awesome cook. ❤

    • Sounds lovely – I’m really looking forward to the time that my garden is not full of spades, spirit levels, wheelbarrows, a huge set square and all the other paraphernalia associated with builders!


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