With Snail and I

Aw, shucks…



Aristophanes told a good story. Well, Plato made him. The former claimed that the gods, being angry about something (as per usual), decided quite literally to split humans in two, to make them sorry and afraid (the way all gods work in fact). At the time, your average human was a hybrid male and female, with four of everything we now have two of. Knitting jumpers was a challenge but you were never alone and you could always see where you had been as well as where you were going, simultaneously.

Once split, humans would forever be searching for their other half. Ha ha ha said Zeus, or Apollo or whoever, before nipping off to be a white bull for the evening.

Now, my Dad told me that story and no one made him. I was five years old at the time and expecting Thomas the Tank Engine, but…

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  1. Oh my!!! That is so beautiful!! ❤

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  2. Happy, happy anniversary!!! 😀


  3. With words like that you are entitled to cry! What a sweetheart. Happy anniversary 💕


  4. Claire

     /  June 2, 2018

    Oooh sweet! To many more years of happiness !



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