Not teaching… planting

Today I should have been travelling to Shropshire to teach a course at the inspiring Karuna forest garden But I’m not. A lack of participants led to the course being cancelled. It was due to be my final teaching for the university and I was planning to go out with a bit of a celebration, but I’m disappearing with a whimper rather than a bang. Oh well… the important thing is that I’m moving on. All that remains is a little bit of marking and then my link with the university will be severed entirely and I can ride off into the sunset.

An outdoor session in the sunshine

I thought I’d be on my way to do this

But, not teaching means I’m home for the weekend and playing with plants… growing vegetables rather than minds!

Potting up... very late in the season

Potting up… very late in the season

I’m sorry to say that the limery is still not finished. And the reason? The piece of glass for the door was the wrong size! This was discovered last Wednesday and it takes 7-10 days for a new sealed unit to be made, so we are waiting. Once the final piece of glass is in and the last bits of sealing and cleaning are done, all that will remain for the building company is to install the electric lights. After that, we’ll be able to paint the walls inside and fill this wonderful space with plants.

Actually, As you can see from the above picture, I’ve already started putting a few plants in there (although they may have to come out) because I needed to give my few tomatoes and peppers a chance to do something this summer. Tomorrow we will go and collect the lovely blue paint that’s going on the low internal walls. Finally… it feels like I’ve turned a corner. And just to top it off, Mr Snail came home yesterday having completed his work away. So, let’s get on with the summer…

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  1. Enjoy your conservatory, the summer, your freedom and Mr Snails company!

  2. Whilst the limery shuffles [slithers? slides??] forward at a snails pace [which seems fitting now I’ve written it 🙂 ] it will eventually get there. It’s very exciting! I’m pleased for your sake the university teaching thing is almost done as well. And Mr Snail is home for good? It seems to be all coming together to make a grand new beginning – perhaps you should consider how best to celebrate all that! Woo-hoo! Party Time!! xoxo

  3. United snails! Almost as good as the completed limery. Here’s to tomatoes and capsicums, both of which I fully intend on growing to fruition this year (“bring it ON rats!”) 🙂

    • After a few days, the tomatoes are looking really good, so at least something likes it! The capsicums have suffered from their time outdoors, but I’m hoping they too will perk up soon.

      • Over here (well, on the mainland…) you can grow capsicums for a few years as well as chillis. Mum had one she grew for 3 years and it fruited every year. We are a bit more like you in that direction. It will be good to see how they go 🙂

  4. Yay! Freedom! A returned Mr Snail to celebrate, a Limery to inaugurate – I’d say you had more than ample reason to open something fizzy!

  5. Cheers! Clink! trust me, you will love planting without the hectic pace of balancing.
    I do. I still work but part time and I am in charge of my roster. 😀

    • My paid work (other than crafting) now is all freelance editing, which I love because it’s just me and my computer and I can take on as much or as little of it as I like and work the hours that I like. Happy days!

  6. Big transitions! I think it’s too bad you didn’t get to teach the one last class, for the sake of closure, but you used the time well. I can’t believe the glass was the wrong size!

    • I can’t believe it either – it was made specifically, so how it went wrong I don’t know. Anyway, it should be completed sometime next week and then it will be all systems go! I’ve got another big box of paper to go in the raised bed having worked my way through some more files. It all feels very positive.

  7. So sorry to hear that the course didn’t happen! Maybe it’s the summer thing–people on the go, not really in a school kind of mood. Wishing you all the best in future endeavors!!!


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