Stash busting

It’s contagious – not only have I made some in-roads into my stash, we’ve also made a start on mum’s. We both agree that we have too much unwanted/unused craft stuff, so I have decided to dedicate some time to finding new people to love it… and hopefully make use of it, rather than have it cluttering up our houses.

Some of our unwanted stash

Some of our unwanted stash

So far, I have dispatched more than 12 metres of cotton jersey fabric and 21 zips to new owners and I think I’ve got someone who wants three old quilling tools. Currently I’m looking for people wanting single-sided fleece, lace fabric, a bit more cotton jersey and a lot of sequins. If you are interested, please look at my shop window page, which I will try to keep updated with the things we want to sell. In addition, I have a box of antique lace and a collection of 60-year-old embroidered handkerchiefs, but I need to get some advice about those before proceeding (watch out for an e-mail Kerry!). There’s likely to be lots of fabric and card-making supplies in the future too.

As for the yarn destash, I’m currently averaging a hat per day. This means that I’ve now made three beanies, three berets, two turbans and two slouch hats in the past week and a half:



I have to stop temporarily as I have a commission, but when I resume I’ll try to diversify the palette a bit more!

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  1. Wow, you go, girl! It’s got to be a wonderfully liberating experience!

    • It’s good – but time-consuming. I’m hoping there will be lots of people who end up creating lovely things with all this… it’s a shame for it all to sit in boxes.
      As for my creativity – I am loving making hats… not a pattern in sight, just whatever I feel like doing!

  2. Your hats look wonderful – send them to me and I’ll sell them for you !!! 🙂

  3. I’m loving those hats Snail, you have hit a creative peak there. Your shop window afforded me a very nice peek at all the other bits and bobs on offer too and gave me a way forward with my own somewhat stuck intended shop window display! Thank you xoxo

    • Trouble is, the page rarely gets traffic and even more rarely results in a sale 😦
      This is why I decided to have a real stall where people might actually interact with the things I make and with me! I gave up on my Folksy shop as it just cost me money and produced not one single sale!

  4. I look at the materials etc in my drawer and think about moving it on. Then I decide it is in the too hard basket and quickly close the drawers again! Your post has inspired me to take another peek….

  5. good on ya! Also the more I give away stuff the more not only room I have but I seem to have more time too! Not enough of course but you know… more!


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