Paint it blue

The final bit of work – wiring in the lights – was completed on Friday morning and our official opening was held that evening:



So my blogging absence can be explained by a weekend wielding a paint brush and turning the bare grey concrete interior walls into vibrant blue:

The colour is called ‘pitch blue’, which doesn’t really make sense to me, but I like it anyway. Over the past couple of days I’ve applied an undercoat and two topcoats. I don’t find emulsion painting particularly inspiring, but I am pleased with the result.

This task revealed yet another ‘green’ conundrum namely the choice of paint. I really didn’t feel up to the task of a detailed investigation into the environmental credentials of every available paint, so in the end we went to a local shop* that specialises in eco-friendly decorating and took their advice. We bought Farrow and Ball paint, which is made in England, so has relatively few ‘paint miles’ and has no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It’s not cheap. but it was lovely to use and I certainly didn’t end up with a headache even after two days of painting.


*The guy who owns the shop recognised me and after a short discussion we worked out that he was a postgrad at university when I was an undergrad! I would not have recognised him, although once I knew his name, I did remember him. Anyway, it’s good to know that old Aberystwyth Environmental Scientists are still doing their bit for the planet!

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  1. Hurrah and ‘Cheers!!’ I love your colour choice too. I hope you will both have many happy hours in your loverly Limery xoxo

  2. It’s lovely!

  3. I love the blue. I read on a blog recently…..was it here?….that blue keeps the flies away….not sure if it’s true, but it sounds good. Here’s to many happy hours spent in your Limery.

  4. That’s a very nice peaceful shade of blue, and I feel that after the long wait your celebration was well-deserved. I also admire the matching leggings – definitely a candidate for required Limery-wear. But what has happened to Mr SoH’s beard…? I like the clean shaven version, I must say!

    • That’s his ‘summer plumage’! He has a full beard in the winter, a goatee in the spring and summer and no facial hair in the summer… don’t ask me to explain, I just accept it!

      • Ahah! We haven’t seen so many photos of him, so this deforestation cycle hasn’t been obvious… I have to say, I prefer the summer look! He’s got a nice face, and it’s good to see it, rather than just his eyes peeking out above the undergrowth!

  5. Three cheers! It looks very cheery. I hope you have many happy hours there and that all your plants thrive!

    • The plants already seem to be enjoying it in there, so things look good for the future. I’ve just ordered a passionflower to grow up and over the big doors. I wanted a particular variety – red banana (which I encountered on Madeira) – that is quite difficult to get. I have to wait until October for delivery, but I think that will be a great addition to add some vegetation height and floral interest… and the fruits are good too.

  6. I painted my living room walls that shade of blue about 40 years ago. So you know I love it. We were crazy kids who wanted to make a statement that wasn’t white. 🙂 It looks so lovely in the Limery. Congrats of another job well done.

  7. it’s beautiful, and worth all the hassle!!!
    PS. Who is that chap? i’ve “met” Mr Snail and that sure doesn’t look like him 🙂

  8. Great colour – and a well-deserved celebration for reaching the end of the project

  9. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on both having the inspiration and surviving the process!

  10. FINALLY “C’est fini” 🙂 Gorgeous blue and a truckload of possibilities now. Can’t wait to see how you fill it. I expect a Steampunkish fuggish haze of humidity and walls dripping with lichen post haste 🙂

  11. It looks wonderful, a good place to be! Cheers and hurrays from Ohio, Johanna

  12. Oooh, lovely! Congratulations on a job well done, and I wish you many happy hours of indoor gardening!

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